Kaillera Garou 'New Challengers!' League

Hey all! Kicks here.
I said I’d do it so here it is! However… It’s not gonna be what you think. Most of us online players play eachother all the time. We’re all ‘regulars.’ To mix things up a bit, I’m organizing a ‘New Challengers League.’ This doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out searching for new players all over the net (although I will just for more players), it means that all us regulars will have to pick a character we don’t normally use. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna use Hoku over Dong, nor does it mean I’ll use Rock, Terry, Jenet, or Hotaru. I have a good/average knowledge of all those characters. I do, however, know very little about Kevin, Gato, and Freeman. And because Kevin and Gato seem top tier to me, I’m goin’ with Freeman.

Seriously try and pick a character you know very little about/or have played very little. You’ve probably seen a lot of Kevin, Gato, Hotaru, and Butt, but that doesn’t mean you’re good with them. Pick someone who you’ll have to learn a lot about or plays very differently than your used to in this and other games. Obviously some vets here know some sick s**t with everyone, but try and pick your weakest character. Of course this will put a lot on the honor system (although so does a lot of other things online).

Once you assign yourself a character, you will have to use them throughout the league.

It will be in a round-robin format–everyone plays everyone. (I think this is the standard as I’m still learning about leagues^^;). Once everyone plays everyone, a winner and ranking will be declared based on their points.
I’m still deciding on how exactly to score. My thoughts were that you’d play first to 10 and the winner would get a point, but perhaps you could get points for how many wins you have. So even if your opponent got to 10 first, you might have earned 7 or so yourself. Or a combination of the two where you get points for each win, but also the one to reach 10 first would receive a bonus point or more.

I’m also still contemplating the scheduling. I’d like it to happen quick, but people should also have time to hone there skills in between each bout. It will also be tough as I will have each player, along with their desired character post their usual Kaillera play times so I can try and match people up as best I can.

I love this game and I LOOOOVE Dong, but i’d like to see more variety in our little community. If you have a problem with someone’s character pick, like you’ve seen them use them a bunch, don’t hesitate to call them out here or pm me. Remember this is for fun so if you REALLY wanna use a certain character that’s fine, but think about the other players as well. Also remember that you can use your best characters outside of the league in casuals and tournaments. I’d also like to say a word to those who seem to have a beef or bone to pick or ego or whatever. Please join. This provides a different playground that can bring out some interesting competition we wouldn’t normally see. Don’t let your ego get in the way because this obviously puts restrictions on you. And those who have shyed away from tournies, use this as an opportunity to play on a more level playing field. PLEASE JOIN!

The scheduling, roster, and everything else you need will be handled through this thread so stay tuned and post here if you wish to join!!

Overworld, Ace-post when ya know^^

You know, you REALLY have to work on your choice of wording…:rofl:

I’ve been playing this a bit recently. I didn’t realize there were actually regular players for this. When and where do you usually play?

Wyoming is actually close enough to the west coast that I might be able to get decent games with you. I usually play at p0wn just because I can’t find people to play otherwise, but if I’d obviously much rather play at fragbox or some other closer server.

I’d be willing to give Garou a serious shot if you guys are willing to tolerate me until I figure things out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone plays in Godweapon.

Really, i thought there was lots of servers where lots of people play

He probably does not mean it that way. I do Rock’s combos in dreams lol.

Theres no point in those of us near the midwest or on the WC to play on the EC servers. I was hoping there’d be more WC players, but oh well, guess not.

I like the idea, but if I would pick someone I dont use, I wouldve picked Freeman too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d def be down, I just got Garou and I really wanna learn it. So… yeah, if you can tollerate a scrub… I’ll join!

You were wrong.

anyone here from south pacific rgn? I know we have some garou players there.

I just got into Garou and I’d love to join this. What emulators do you suggest or require to play online in this league? I’m on the east coast and I’ll choose to play with Kevin, as I love his unorthodox style. I also love this game very much, and regret having found it so late. Hope to play with you all soon!

Most people you see use Mame, there is a topic detailing how it works here:

I’d consider it, just how often would the games in the league be held, and it would take me a sec to think of who I’d want to play.

This will fail just like the kof2k2 league that was created over a year ago. People will lose interest quickly, and there will be others who will not report their losses (or will lie). That is the main reason why the kof2k2 league failed. In addition, there will probably be some people who repeatedly play low level players and own them, racking up points. Then again, ranking online, especially with all the lag abusers, is meaningless anyway lol.

I’m a newbish scrub in this game, if this’d include me. I’ve just recently gotten Garou working…and I play as Kim Jae Hoon.

I got my new computer working.

So as soon as I get a controller, and hook MAME up on here, which should be this weekend, I’m in.

Put me in for Jenet. I want to learn her since I’m learning her in KOF XI.

Um. Okay? Thanks for stopping by to share that. Anyhow I don’t think anyone holds delusions that this would be a thing that lasted forever, it’s all about trying to get some fun games in, and the rankings would be rather abritrary anyway since everyone has a built in excuse (since everyone is asked to use their weakest character, or at least a character besides their main.)

^lol, right?

That, and the fact that like 30-40% of the people who have responded to the idea of this league are new Garou players in general (aka scrubs), so the heads would be dominating regardless. I just want a way to get in some practice, and have fun with all you wonderful SRK folks. lol

You think that anime girls > real girls. Therefore, anything you ever say from now on in this forum is null and void. Thanks for coming out though.