Kaillera & MCZ_TE Stick

My friend and I were talking about all the great games of the past, then we realized that we could actually play them with MAME & kaillera. The games work, and the netplay was great (actually, surprisingly so?). But when we tried to hook up our TE stick, it did not work. I read FAQs, did some googling of the error message that we received, but we found no answers specific to our problems, but found few that shared the same issues.

What’s interesting is that the TE stick works with the newest version of MAME, but fails to function with the build that is integrated with kailera (last updated in 2003). I think there’s a way to make kailera work with the newer version, but it seems to require coding which is like magic to me; unknown and mysterious.

So I come here for your expert advices SRK. I would go to MAME forums, but they hate kaillera and sure as hell won’t give me any support I would need. And the last thread made on kaillera forums was in 2007, I don’t think I’ll be finding anything over there either.

TLDR; Madcatz TE sticks don’t work with MAME_Kaillera, what should I do.

DirectInput: Unable to set absolute mode for joystick 0 (Street Fighter IV Fightstick TE (Arcade Stick))
^this is the message I get.

> Found this thread after googling, please lock this thread as you see fit mods. Going to try to find some useful information there.