Kaillera refuses to work with my controller

I bought a Logitech Dual-Action controller (same design as a PS2 controller), and it works just fine with the official MAME versions, but for some reason it refuses to work with Kaillera. The only game it works with is UMK3, but with any other game, the controller is unresponsive, as if it’s not even plugged in.

I could really use any help with this. I’m not comfortable for these games on a keyboard, and I have no true arcade stick to use. I’m stuck like a dinosaur in tar.

for each game, right click: properties - misc(i think?) - check in the ‘controllers box’ for each game.

Some of the hacked versions of Kaillera require you to reset your controllers each time, doubtful that is the problem here though…

Also make sure your controller drivers are the most recent ones. There may be an update that’ll resolve your problems.