Kaillera ScreenShot Thread

Im bored and noones online so I took a quick screenshot of the highest grade(S) I got in 3s so far


Yun Rushdown abusing cross-up dive kicks ^_^.
I took out the opponent’s name.

Made a thread so people can post up funny/wierd/streaks screenshots.

Good idea, let’s hope people don’t take it over board with “OMG I RAPED JONNYDOE68 HARDCORE” posts.


I get a few double perfects here and there.:looney:

So not funny.:tdown:

yo your never on when I’m on.I need to practice my Yun/Yang.


I resized the pic before hosting. I’ll take it down if requested.

ouch., how’d you get scanlines btw?

i think if you press tab theres some visual options, where you can turn it on.


You aren’t allowed to post shit like that! =(

Half of those wins weren’t even against me. cries

I only posted it because it was a personal record. Your Yang friend was pretty solid though, as were you. I can take it down if you want but I didn’t think you’d care because it was nameless. Either way, just say the words and it’s gone.

One way is to use the Superscale 75% scanline option under “image enhancements.” It’s in the options, or press tab to get to it. But I got tired of that since it distorts small text and sharp edges/corners so I figured out you could copy the PNG scanline stuff from official MAME32 releases, and put it in the same folder of Plus+. Then go to the advanced tab in options, and click visual effects for some scanline choices. To be quite honest, I still don’t like any of them. The perfect thing for me would be a 75% version of the scanline filters in Elsemi, which neither emulator has.

Yes, I really like scanlines for 3S. :smokin:

I was only playing, I’m never that serious.

Now I feel like a dick. =(

Wow 44 wins in a row those kids should just kill themselves at that point.

posted this in ggs thread, but seriously…
Sean will burninate you!
(too bad he continued before the grade screen…)

^DAMN! you must of beat the shit out of him! with Sean no less? damn…I never seen a SS with sean. what the hell did you do?

Basically he needed around 95 to 100% of every move he does to hit while taking minimum damage, throw in some parrys too:rofl:.

thx for the info :tup:

would you guys mind telling me what server you guys play in? (and at what speed, and is it as smooth as single player for you guys?)

Depends on your location, although I find that even in Colorado my smoothest games are often on the GodWeapon server in Virginia. I get about 40 ping to there, and 20-30 on Western Wonderland, which I’d also highly recommend. When you get a good connection with someone, or use P2P, I’d say it’s basically as smooth as single player, albeit with a minor amount of delay.

i get alot of A’s, the opponent isnt weak at all, its either the grading system is easy in arcade versions or less lag = better play





some frames i never seen with chun :slight_smile:


above is sprite edited