Kaillera ScreenShot Thread

Are you SeanP?

seans grade are easier to get than any other player !

IS there any definite proof to that?

Cause I got lulz from reading that.

well i dont even play sean and still get B++'s easy
why you try playing sean on a dummy 2p then try it again with let’s say ken?


Luckily I won the judgment (I was Ken).

hmmm Akuma had more points and you still won.Was he spamming air fireballs?

Edit:That Av is sick.

^ ? what is that

Are there any other types of online Akumas? :rolleyes:

Yes. The equally incredible lag corner hurricane kick spam. :lol:

Oh, right, forgot about those skilled fuckers.

Seriously, it’s like playing ST Akuma or some shit. Pisses me right the fuck off. :mad:


I’m Kicks/SeanStrong
Who’s SeanP–does he play online?

Perhaps to jump on the bandwagon, perhaps because it burns me deep into the abyss of my soul and destroys all rationality… Online Akuma = lame. I’ve only played one good one. GGs to him, forgive me for forgetting your name

I was joking, SeanP is this legendary Japanese Sean player.

Some of his recent and famous work.

LOL As soon as I posted that, I realized who you were referring too. I’m silly… Anyways, that’s an awesome link you posted. I search his stuff probably once a week, but only ever turn up that one Dudley fight and a Hugo one.


do you guys play the japanese version?

The fastest round I’ve ever won. I haven’t seen anyone else with 91 seconds on the clock after winning before, but if there was a faster round won before then this post fails.


Yes, it was on Kaillera, and no he was not AFK.

i take it that’s just a gnome theme, and not really gnome?

Healing perfects are better than regular perfects.

Yea wtf, how do u get out of that? i played against one guy who kept doing that in the corner… all i can think of is red parry the last hit and throw him in corner, but that’s some strict timing