Kaillera Scrub Glossary

The Blacklist

A group of scrubs who play only amongst themselves, staying confined to what they believe is skill and fair gameplay. They refuse and avoid players who they have defined as cheap, lag abusers and or who they believe lack skill because they do not play a certain way that lines up with their beliefs. The members of the Blacklist have come into agreement upon their beliefs of what is skill and what is cheap and respect only themselves. By using the concepts of pros and other skilled players and then using their own rules of gameplay, they have justified their actions or their losses to members outside of their group. None of these members seems to have a common belief on what is “skill”. (e****x. a3 chun broken, SAIII yun has infinites/cheap, sfIIt fei long overpowered, game is boring/broken, etc etc.) Each member has their own concept that contradicts the other members, yet they strongly support each other and work hard to identify players who they cannot beat or find too cheap and avoid playing them. Only by playing on their terms and beliefs are you skilled and worthy to play them.

The main function of this group is to tarnish and blacken the names of kaillera players they define as, cheap, mashing, lag abusing, no combo doing blah blah your mother’s grocery list non-skilled players who they cannot beat in their confined rules of play. In hopes, that other players on Kaillera will avoid the very ones they cannot beat and not join their games or play them. The Blacklist believes that these opponents are not good and wants everyone else to think the same way. Hence the name Blacklist.

Many of the players that have been “blacklisted” by the BL post in the bgs thread. Are you on the list?

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I can’t tell which side is being elitist. I think I might have to side with the pros for once, but, I dunno…do continue.

I know you usually play Alpha 3. Personally, I have come across very few times when people actually complain to me in 3rd Strike. Most people, when they get beat, they don’t really say anything. And if they do say something along those lines, I just leave the game right away cuz I can just play somebody else. Pick up 3s, people complain WAY less from what it seems that happens with Alpha 3.


Q. Why did you make this thread?

A. To inform you all that their is a certain group of players on kaillera who strive to keep the community from playing the people who to play win. Its nothing more than a funny bgs post. I don’t necessarily care what 11+ scrubs think about how me or anyone is playing. People bitch at me everyday and you all know it. Doesn’t stop me from playing how I want or picking who I want and I don’t have time to make a bgs post for every instance. Just thought it would be interesting to see what people think about some scrubs trying to keep your best friend from playing you anymore in 3s or kof, because you don’t use random select lol. Yeah, we have scrubs on kaillera that cry all the time about how you play and who you use, but how many scrubs spend all their time trying to Blacklist you because of how you beat them? The Blacklist is special because they are scrubs with a purpose and have organized themselves, they don’t just cry and drop your game. They don’t want anyone playing you and they strive **UNSUCCESSFULLY **to make sure no one does.

Q. Whos on the Blacklist from SRK?

A. Aside from myself, many of you posting in the bgs thread about players I have played and are also members of the Blacklist. These are in the games you play so don’t use a3 as a foundation, thats just the common ground I share with some of them.

Q. How do you get on the Blacklist?

A. Post in the bgs thread. (there’s a more elaborate definition, but I will save that for “The Blacklist Bible”)

Q. Glossary of Scrubs?

A. Just another name for certain players on kaillera whos name appears too often in the bgs thread or you just think is scrubby. Kind of our own Blacklist of players who you should avoid playing and the reasons why. Not because they generally suck or anything, because some members of the Blacklist are actually pretty good, its their logic that amuses me. So you can post your favorite scrub here too.

Q. **Who is the “Author of the BlackList”
A. He is the leader of the BlackList. The one who tries to convince the community that certain players should not be played. **With his influence he has unintentionally formed a group of believers that share his beliefs and desires to keep you, me or your uncle from getting play time on Kaillera. ** As silly as that sounds, its the sad truth. On SRK, we tell our peers not to play certain players because of their attitude. The Blacklist tells the community not to play certain players, because they are too good of course they wouldn’t say they are too good. They would say something common in the scrub dicitonary like “he only uses one move”. The author’s name will be revealed. :shake:







Just play these people and avoid anybody that was given a bg to. End of story.

finally this is made…now all i wait for is the list of ppl so i know who to play and who not too…good stuff chibi for making this

I nominate that fucker bada bing.

Always whine about using his scrubby keyboard and boot people that lags without saying anything. He doesn’t even know any real combos.

nominate Joe Shmoe (SRK)…hands down

…This is kind of ridiculous. If a scrub is bad, beat the scrub a couple of times. If it’s an asshole scrub, you can leave with the satisfaction that you showed that guy up. If it’s not, just teach him how to play better.

If you can’t beat someone who you know is a scrub, obviously you’re being predictable, not adapting, or there is lag. So don’t play with laggers.

ok heres a post to everyone. if u play online. stfu. i dont wanna hear it. if ur sick of srubs or ur think ur the shit or whatever the ase. shut up. its rediculus. the srubs and the “pros”. hahah whos to say dog. ur playin on kaillera. that is all it is. leav the bullshit for a tourny. it dosent matter on kailera. u have 12 to 29 year old pepl. wtf do u exspect. thats the way it is. this thread is rediculus. at best. dont play onl kaillera then dawg. simpl as that.

yeah, I actually don’t even bother posting my bg’s anymore or responding to the idiots I play in game. I just play till the other guys leaves or it lags out. There’s too many idiots who either like trying to get a rise out of people or take playing on kaillera to seriously.

Since I stopped playing on GW and Daroms my idiot encounter rate has decreased sharply

p2p. thst it. i love it

If you think the thread is ridicoulous, then yeah it probably is and its going to get worse if you don’t stop reading it. Besides, its just for laughs.

Author of the Blacklist

It is the author’s belief that a competitive fighting game player’s ability is measured by the amount of characters one can use. By learning all the chars in a fighting game, players can reach their true potential and obtain skills no other player can. Thats a broad statement as you can see, but it is the truth according to him. How does this make him a scrub? Because he complains about players only using one char and winning just that one char. He believes that he cannot learn anything playing someone who uses only one char and that a player cannot develop or improve using only one char. Beating him means nothing and you will never get his respect unless you play random select or use more than one char. Now I don’t take this nonsense seriously and neither should you. Character limitations, random select, he plays by his own rules.

He claims to know how to use every char in A3 SFII Turbo, CE, VS and 3s (his handles) and that he will always use more than one char. Well whether he knows how to or not, he sure has a funny way of showing it by losing with every char. Thats ok, though. He’s just trying to learn so he doesn’t take players seriously if they “infinite” him with yun al the time and won’t use anyone else. No skill required in using one char and doing the same stuff all the time right? All that bitching and moaning he does when he loses is just for show, if he was using the same char you were all the time you’d lose, but he doesn’t want to be boring.

The author goes on to say that** the Japanese handicap themselves at tourneys and never really learn anything**. Just because you can win with just one char doesn’t mean anything, but neither does playing with 10+ chars and losing with all of them. **I didn’t know what this meant at first, but now it is to my understanding that the Jap format means sticking with one char throughout a set or something. **So he refuses to waste his time in any tourney because their are no skilled players except the ones using more than one character.

Bottom line is you have no skill unless you use 20% of the character line up. To be the best “You gotta catch em all” or something like that.

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you’re funny chibi, still gay, but funny.