10 entrants total

1.Team Stun 101 - MagnetoManiac(RY)/Nica KO(YA)/Nataku (KE)
2.Team NoName - Green Tea(KE)/Mr. M(AL)/King (MA)
3.Team Hate - Rusheddown(HU)/Alfred(YA)/Deviljin01(IB)

next time get ur partners in on team and if you’re randomly paired, stick with ur team. it would run a lot faster that way, that way i wont have to change the teams around and all every time. ggs all.

GG’s. Would have liked to do p2p vs. Mr.M but oh well.

My team would have played but we didn’t realize how late the teams portion started.

my team def beasted…unfortunately mag didnt play as well as i thought but we held it down with 2 OVC’s by me and 2 wins by nataku…Team Stunt 101 Revival FTFW :tup: good shit to everyone though for being patient…although i cant say that for myself cuz i was about to lose my mind with DJ and that P2P budiness LOL jk DJ you cool peeps i wanted a lesser medium with Mr.M too its just i wanted to get the tournament over with since it was like 10 something at night and i had other things to do…but again GOOD SHIT TO EVERYONE…INCLUDING MAG…gotta put a limit on ppl who enter and make the teams ahead of time with confirmation that everyone will be there so things can run even smoother…just a little advice

p.s- a ping restriction would be good too…me with a 15 ping playing someone with an 81 ping rly slows down the button response for me