KAILLERA Sept 15th Results Singles

1 nataku (CH)
2 knarxed (KE, YU)
3 Alfred (YA)
4 MagnetoManiac (RY, MA, AL)
5 sloan (KE)
5 Nica KO (YU, YA)
7 king (MA)
7 DarkKnight (UR)
9 Blaq
9 jester
9 efd
9 Rusheddown (HU)
13 SoleCombo
13 chicken power
13 SamBuca
13 Ryth (Elusive)
17 Wishmaster
17 DevilJin
17 Duncanri
17 SmoothCat
17 Shiro
17 Yllek
17 extrax
17 rdy2die
25 Legend
25 bored
25 GreenTea
25 SoSDaGraySole
25 zeroxp
25 Falkonuz
25 Supreme

good shit guys this one ran smooth.

dammit, spell my name right!

anywayz, gj mags for setting this up.

Sorry I missed it. It really pisses me off that I couldn’t attend >.<

Although I am confused. How am I at 25th?

thanks :bgrin:

thats last placed, im a noob tourney director so i just marked u are a loss cuz u were in registration and i didnt wanna rearrange brackets. also its better if u come late u can play in losers at least.

mag thxs for hosting everything.

Oh, I see. Sorry about that =(
I’ll be there next time, hopefully.