Kaillera SFA3 Match Making and RANDOM ASS SHITTALK THREAD.. This shits OFFICIAL!

Alot of crazy shit been goin on lately, lot of players risin up (LuckyOne), and alot of old players holding shit down (Ryu1999).

Mad props to alot of you guys.

Hopefully this thread doesn’t get filled up with bullshit like the X-Men vs SF one. PEACE :rofl:

Oh ya. Post of STRATS, theorys, Match videos and\or Challenges or whatever you want here. HF :badboy:

Ultimate Strat:
When there’s mad delay and the other person isn’t playing Sim, just pick A-Gief and Body Splash all day. Regular strats and anti-airs don’t work so you might as well quell the frustration and win!

Mothafucka!! :tdown:

A-gief in lag = :encore:

Correction to my earlier post: With lag, even Dhalshim gets tore up by Splash.

Lol…Karins standing fierce owns that all day. :party:

Johnny Lemonhead here.

I wanted to ask…are there any good A3 players aside from 5?
It really stinks how I always end up playing on a shit 90-some odd ping at a East server with someone worth playing with, or playing against some idiot with a low ping. Either way it doesn’t cut it. (Or both in a worst case scenario)

Btw, as for lag-gief…I use A-gen, so to me, his far j.fierce is worse than body press since there’s no way to counter that when gief jumps in at the range where the tip of his fist hits you.

Ill play anyone in SFA3, I dont really care if I loose or win. And as for the random shit talk in the topic of this, I got one thing to say. FAMILY GUY KICKS ASS!!! :clap:

FUCK THAT! The Jenna Lewis porn is the cheesiest celeb porn i’ve ever seen in my life

Well, my controller is officially fucked up, so when I press forward, it equates to forward + back. Reinstalls of drivers and MAME have no effect, so yeah… i’m stuck with V-Rolento (super jumps), as a way of still having some ability to zone. When I rarely play.

Il play any1 too… I go by Heat-EN-Blazn
Ive played a couple of u on this thread… and I ve goten better…

Not that big of an a3 player, but I’ve played all of you and have had some ggs. Can’t play it like VS though, so rushdowns don’t work all the time.

Most of us should hook up and play a 4p sometime. If yer interested let me know (no scrubs please)

Don’t want to let this thread die so…

I own you all. SCRIPPLES!!!


BUM! You quoted my post and it had nothing to do with it… Now get on Kaillera and let me rape you a bit :tup:

And what does scripples mean anyways? lol

I picked that word up from my other message board. It sounds funny and apparently it has the same uses as “bitches”, but can be used in a more ghetto/ebonical way. (i.e. “y’all izz scripples”=“you bitches”) besides, bitches has been way overused since the Rick James sketch.

:rofl: I don’t even wanna know what type of forums you hang around in :clap:

hey you guys have any sfa3 vids lying around? ive played this game for a long time but never actually bothered getting into it. for some reason im dying to get good at this now but i was hoping for some vids to get started.

infact the only sfa3 vids i remember watching had diago and cole, i think when sfa3 was pretty new.

go to the vids section, they have a couple old a-cho matches

BTW fuck NoX baka

awesome, btw i know the psx port isnt arcade perfect but is it still ok to practice on? im thinking of picking it up incase i want to use console.

btw, is mame .64 still the norm?

That’s a tough av.
I wish i could watch the season, but too bad I dont watch tv.