Kaillera Sold

Regarding a recent change to the Kaillera entry on Wikipedia:

“Rights and source code of the Kaillera was sold to TC.Ads LTD, Cyprus, Currently owned by Etai Hugi and TC.Ads LTD.” Dated May 21, 2006.

Can anyone comment on this? I would like to hear from the new owners if this is true.


“TC.ADS is an interactive marketing company, specializing in performance based marketing solutions for the online gaming industry.”

(I posted this on Kaillera.com forums also hoping for an answer.)

damn, wonder what this means for updates, then.

I don’t know whether this should worry me or not.

bout time something happened with it.

Well only one of few things can happen, either it can go down hill, which could possibly motivate someone to create something newer, or it could be improved, or stay just like it is.

Anyhow, it’ll be interesting to see if this does end up changing anything.

If they bought it, it means that they want to make money with it, but how can they do that legally when Kaillera is related to emulators and roms ?

It really saddens me that the Kaillera client didn’t see any real improvement since 2003. Thank god Moosehead worked on the server, Emulinker is a real gem.

That’s what worries me.

Things are moving on some new things slowly… It’s kinda unfortunate the way Mame licenses itself. Since they prohibit making money off it, nobody like me could afford to work on a netplay version full time. So we can’t put much time into working on it.

Suprafast actually has an almost working new Kaillera client DLL. I’m also slowly working with some other guys on an all-java emulator with netplay. It will be really cool if we every finish it.

is there any way to “borrow” the ZSNES netplay code and modify it to run MAME?

fatherbrain here lol

i think we are all looking at the netplay program to be implemented with the phantom :slight_smile:

oooh edit: “TC.ADS would like to present to you the world’s largest backgammon arena that only came live in January 2005.We believe it will change the face of the current skill games market.”

kaillera backgammon