KAILLERA Teams & Singles Results

** TEAMS **

  1. Team Stun 101 Revivial - MagMan(RY)/Nica KO(YU)/Nataku(KE) 3-0
  2. Jion_Wansu(TW)/Rusheddown(CH)/Daemon(SE) 2-1
  3. Idealistic(IB)/Jester(Q)/Majek(CH) 1-2
  4. Ibuki(IB)/Ryth(KE)/Spire(AL) 0-3


1 nataku (YU, KE)
2 Nica KO (YU, YA)
3 Mariodood (MA, OR)
4 Spire (AL)
5 MagnetoManiac (RY, AL, MA)
5 Idealistic (IB)
7 Barky (YU)
7 sloan (KE)
9 Ryth (Elusive)
9 rdy2die
9 MaJeK
13 Rusheddown
13 Supreme
13 Daemon
17 Hellsent
17 extrax
17 stevey
17 SpeedFighter
17 Ridah 2 CLD
17 Jion_Wansu

Wow, those are some whacked out results.
I’ve played pretty much everyone listed and Deviljin’s way better than everybody except maybe Nataku.
Funny what lag can do.

No no no… They were no shows. I’m ranked so high because I played against 2 no shows!

muahahahaha!!! :lame:

Yeah, it’s not lag, just a bunch of no-shows. It gets kinda ridiculous how many byes everyone gets, the brackets need to be made as soon as the tourney starts from now on…

Anyway ggs to all. Nica K.O., you make me hate 3s.

lol im sorry man but i just couldnt show mercy…ggs to everyone

well it gets kinda fucked up when people sign up but dont show.

some of those below deviljin actually showed up.

good shit on making the tourney run smooth though guys.

vids from winners finals and losers finals are up…

winners- Nica K.O (me) vs Nataku

  1. [media=youtube]aQGehISkbkI[/media]

  2. [media=youtube]8-dPZeex55k[/media]

  3. [media=youtube]5ukWaelmfi0[/media]

  4. [media=youtube]3MpUejVYH2I[/media]

losers- Nica K.O (me) vs Mariodood (SRK)

  1. [media=youtube]bv8TDgNXL_k[/media]

  2. [media=youtube]imyZsXOrUwM[/media]

  3. [media=youtube]lBf8vn6NcGU[/media]

so this was done online right? whens the next one?

yes sir. the next one is the monday after the next one.

october 8th.

is kaillera gonna get a chance to get some beastly alex treatment?

to be blunt…i doubt it…to tell the truth HELL NO lol…im kidding


so lag really isnt an issue in these kaillera tourneys? i might want in on this.

get p2p and it isnt