Kaillera Vampire Savior Tournament #2

Game: Vampire Savior 1 (Darkstalkers 3) [Euro romset]

Tournament format: Double Elimination Best of 3. Half finals best of 5, finals best of 7

Emulator: Mame32k 0.64

Date: Sunday 16 July 2006

Time: 8.00pm EST

IRC Room: #vstournament on irc.eu.efnet.info

Kaillera Server: Anti3D.com

If there’s any questions feel free to PM me. Reply to the thread when you’re thinking of joining in.

:sad: You keep hosting these on weekends I have work. :sad:

I’ll keep an eye out for the next one.

Interesting. I’ll see if I can make this one.

im in

i’ll be there i think


i’ll join this one again…hopefully this will have a better turnout

I want in I want revenge!!! On whats his name…space dude…forgot the complete name…

Dammit, is anybody on this thing. I wanna play some Hunter or Savior now. PM or whatever.

Not going to make this one, sorry. :sad:

Is this happening or what?

im here :o

Shit I fucked up! I was convinced the tournament was next week, so I didn’t even bother logging in. Shit sorry for the huge blunder. Next time I’ll make sure I don’t fuck up on the date.

So next week? Or reschedule?
No biggie by thy way!
I appreciate these tournaments and any hangups is understandable.

I’ll have to reschedule, I’ll make a new thread once I’ve set a new date. Chances are that’s next week. But could also be a coupla weeks later.

Tee hee hee.

is this gonna happen this sunday?

No, It’d be too short notice. Besides that, the Garou tournament is on tonight, which wouldn’t be very good for the turn up. As soon as I’ve chosen a new date I will make a new thread. It might take some time, because soon I’ll be going to Estonia for a week for the international Linguistics olympiad. Obviously I won’t be able to organize a tournament at that time.