Kaillera Vampire Savior Tournament (Friday 23 June 2006)

Game: Vampire Savior 1 (Darkstalkers 3) [Euro romset]

Tournament format: Double Elimination Best of 3.

Emulator: Mame32k 0.64

Date: Friday 23 June 2006

Time: 8.00pm EST

IRC Room: #vstournament on irc.eu.efnet.info

Kaillera Server: Anti3D.com

So as you can read, on the 23rd of June I’ll host a Vampire Savior tournament. It is mandatory to be in the IRC room because that’s where the organizing is going to be done.

Because it’s not the 23rd yet, you might want to play some friendly matches. I will be hosting the room #vsfriendly most of the time, so here we can gather to play some friendly matches.

The reason why I chose for Vampire Savior and not Vampire Hunter 2 or Vampire Savior 2, is because:

  1. Vampire Savior has a stronger character line-up
  2. It’s played more in both Japan and outside of Japan

If there’s any questions feel free to PM me. Reply to the thread when you’re thinking of joining in.

EDIT: To avoid confusion I decided to put the time in EST.

EDIT: If the server choice scared you off, obviously it’s okay to choose to play on a different server, when both opponets agree. But by default it is Anti3D

Next friday looks free for me so I guess I’ll join. If something comes up I’ll pm you.

Oh I’m definitely in

depends on how gay my connection will be… which will more than likely be… gay >.<

BTW, which region of the game will we be using. Some players have US and not EURO and vice versa. I have all 5 versions in one zip, but I was just curious even though there aren’t any significant default differences between the two except the speed of timer. I’d be happy to upload my vsav.zip which contains all the regional roms if anybody wants.

I’d join, but can’t. I’ll be at work at 1 AM

edit and chibi, you’ll have to find a way to tell people where to get it other than SRK if you upload it anywhere. I can’t have that here. you know better.

Good that you mention the region thing, It’ll be EURO since that is the default romset, I’ll put it in the top post.

And fatherbrain, and also other people make sure that you realized it’s GMT, seemed the most logical time to choose.

doesnt matter if it’s central time or not for me. I work from 11-8. so night tournies are out for me. O well.

In the american time zones this tourney starts at 7-9pm, so it’s not a night tourney. Just an evening tourney. It’s not CST, but GMT. I chose to do GMT since it’s the standard time, and since I live in GMT+1 it’s sort of hard to figure out what the american time zones are.

oh. if I’m awake, I’ll be there. I tend to sleep right before I go to work.

Sign me up.

Lol, this thing is pretty much a no contest.
Either Chibi or gb will take it.

You can still always go for the 2nd and 3rd place :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s important to keep competing anyway. And what’s better than playing a tournament to get that bitof competition to improve ? :smiley:

Will you (kyokuji) be joining in?

Well I dunno how this is gonna turn out and I won’t be too confident. GB will definetly make things interesting. I am hoping to meet other VS players in this tourney though. Anyways, I’m gonna get in a lot of pratice so if any one wants to play with me I’ll be in Godweapon or anti3d hosting.

pray for a good connection:pray: … infact, I may be in baltimore that day princess… go meet me

Im not familiar with VS tourney rules. Any banned characters or anything I should know about?

Not that I know of.
No infinites I’m assuming.

I’d enter but I’m still feeling my way through the game, and I don’t like entering tourneys unless I know I can place.
I still get beaten by a lot of random/scrubby stuff that I don’t know how to counter yet.

There’s no banned characters, and Infinites are just allowed. It’s just simple: learn to block. It’s not like an infinite doesn’t take a good amount of skill, and very good timing.

I doubt anyone knows how to do one besides gb and Chibi anyway.

what about me i got a possibility of taking 2nd or 3rd