Kaillera won't work. Help

Hi. I’m using the latest FBA and nFBA, and even mame++.

I cannot get the Kaillera client to work. Every time I open it and try to bring up the server list, it says “Error requesting server list”. Keep in mind, the P2P portion of nFBA functions fine, it’s the “player” portion that’s giving me the error. Anyone else experiencing this? Does it have to do with the Official Kaillera website being down?

I’m not using a router by the way…

im also having a problem with mine. im using nfba dtr9 and when i click on play via kaillera it doesnt do anything. it was working fine earlier today and then a few hours ago it didnt work anymore. then this weird message came up and said something about a unresolvable problem and it will now be terminated. just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and would like to know what you did to fix it, or if anyone else knows what the problem could be or what it is please let me know.

Thanks for letting me know Supra it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

^^ anyone know what the problem could be? i used to just reinstall and that usually worked, but that doesn’t even work anymore. anyone with info on this problem please let me know.