Kaillera's summer tournament season

with school out or almost out, can we expect a good competitive summer?

personally, i’ll be running a series of tournaments this summer but does anyone else plan on running any tournaments or get togethers this summer?

we should make this thread a good centeralized thread for all upcoming and possible tournaments this year including name, game, hosted by, date, style, and who can join. it doesnt have to be solid, set in stone, but give us a rough idea…


title: bay of pigs tournament
host: qwazy @ ovr06
game: mvc
style: double elimination, 2of3, etc (or team tourney, etc)
date late june (or specific date)
open to: everyone (or clan members, all that)

It was suggested that I do another tourney, blame serp.
Im thinking Garou… or possibly 98. Maybe both, wooh.