Kaimana Mini Breakout + HBFS 3mm led bulbs



I plan to install these items into a Madcatz Fightstick TE2+, what would I need in addition to these to set it up?
Is it possible to wire everything directly to the Kaimana without any additional adapters?

Just FYI the Kaimana was intended for RGB lights not a single color.

If you were going to use your own diodes you need the adapter for each Light

Even then this is intended for RGB diodes, and you have to program your Kamimana for single color use.

A LED controller board like the toodles FGW Led Controller would be more appropriate

Any clear/semitransparent button will work and not just the Game Finger buttons.

If you are going to use your own LEDs you also need resistors or you can blow out your LEDs. If you are using a controller board, read it’s instillation instructions as some boards already include the necessary resistors on board. If you are not using a controller board, then you have to use resistors.
Basic Diode wiring Diodes basics 101

Do you know if I would require any additional resistors if I were to purchase the FGW controller instead?

Read it’s PDF, it covers that for you.