Kaimana mini + Kaimana J2's. How to activate both LEDS on each button?

Im using the kaimana mini and the kaimana j2’s. On the J2’s they have 2 actual LED’s on each pad, so 8 pads is actually 16 LED’s. In the kaimina_custom.h header, I can map the leds to each button here, but only one led, not both leds for each button.

I can only pass it a scalar not an array ( in perl terms)


#define LED_K4 0

I need to be

#define LED_K4 0,1


try this
#define LED_K4 0
#define LED_K4_B 1

or check this out https://youtu.be/mKty1h_pj54?t=7m3s

The LED’s are not individually addressable as far as I know, each pair is treated as an whole entity in the code so example (not code):
K1_LED lights up both LEDS on the K1 position.