Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!


@JRDIBBS What file and what part of the code do you specify what button combinations do a particular animation. Shoryuken for example. Where in the code do I put what button presses I want to play this animation? Can you include a code snippet please? Thanks.

Edit: So I see in kaimana.h where the combos are specified. But how do I make sure “Attack+UP”, etc is defined to the right button for the Kaimana mini? I think this code I have is from the Kaimana standard PCB. Should it be the same?


The COMBO_PARTTERNs are in the Kaimana_custom.h. Theres three (VERY BASIC) steps you need to do to:

Define your animation function in the animations.cpp and reference it in the animations.h
Define your pattern in the kaimana_custom.cpp
Add it to the ini in the form below:

  if( kaimana.switchHistoryTest( MY_PATTERN_NAME ) )

I want to reiterate this is a VERY simplified explanation, for anything deeper than that you would need to learn a bit of coding in arduino (Youtube helps a lot here).

Let me know if you need any help.


Hey guys. I am completely new when it comes to the Kaimana. Been poking around for guides and resources for a few days now, and I am just wondering if I found most of the guides needed. I have found the Paradise support forums, and a guide located on jmods. Anything else I am missing or could use?

Also, Sadly for a second time I have tried to get my mod started, Paradise is sold out of the J2 wires (all but 5 of the 9"). If anyone has any extra, I am willing to buy them and supply a prepaid shipping label. Last time I was about to build a RGB loop, They were sold out and it took a bit to restock.



i am also looking to build a led stickless stick for XMAS and they are sold out of the 3". would these 2 inch cords work?!??


No, Seeing that the J2 only uses 3 wires. The harness it’s self looks like a weird cross between an AMP and a Molex KK line. One side of the J2 LEDS have a 4 pin connector, however the last pin is just for show I believe. If worse comes to worse, I would just end up crimping a connector on the pins them selves. Seeing how small the gap in the male sides, it gunna be a bitch.


ughhhhhh so much pain lol.

why can’t the one place that sells it online have it in stock? :o
I don’t want to buy just a number of the components then wait 4k years for a chance at grabbing them again


Well in their defence, before cyber Monday,they had a decent stock. I was watching for a week or so. Given over 4,000 orders were made on focus attack alone(unsure about arcade shock) it’s safe to assume that a lot of people wanted RGB lighting.
Give them about 2 weeks and they should be back in stock.they go through a distributor off of Alibaba, and they replied to a tweet i sent them starting that they will be back soon.


see i was watching but never saw the kits in stock. it wasn’t until after i saw that you could get the components separate.

which buttons are you planning on using them with? i actually am going to be installing them into 24mm gamerfinger cherry switch buttons


I have 2 sanwa setups. One hitbox and one stick. However, several of my players all run sanwa as well.


got it. i am crafting from cherry due to the press customization


Did somebody say HITBOX!!

As an early Xmas present, I built the Hitbox layout as requested in the survey! It’s a conversion from the stock code so functionally its the same.

The LED wiring expected is as below:



It is nice to see the hitbox layout got chosen on the survey you made. I voted for the 8-button layout, unfortunately it did not get chosen. The current 8-button layout that I am currently using, the tournament mode does not work. As a request, can you please make the 8-button layout with your revised code that has the tournament mode working? I would really appreciate it.


The rework i posted earlier is an 8+3 button with tourney mode enabled when pressing home, or are you looking for a different layout altogether? I’m posting another survey soon!




I used the rework that you previously released but when ever I move the joystick on any direction, P4 happens to light up just like in the video you posted. I tried my fix it on my own just to have the 8-button layout work but kept on having errors when excluding the “home”, “option” and “shared” lines on the code. I only have 8 j2s to use. I kind of wished I knew how to code but I know nothing about coding on the kaimana.


I understand, so you need code that has ONLY the 8 action buttons.

Everyone, I’ve created a simpler survey for my next layout FILL IT OUT HERE


Fūrinkazan - Ultimate LED Fightstick Version 2.0

**As a follow-up to my Version 1.0 post -

The build out took over a year to complete, mainly due to the complexity of the coding. The codebase is easily the largest I’ve ever written (although a feat the coding masters like @32teeth and @Toodles could have completed in a fraction of the time).

Artwork is a Ryu “Fūrinkazan” themed Street Fighter V overlay atop a Vewlix Diamond inspired layout.

The goal of the project was to develop a comprehensive LED controller with zero compromise and unlimited customization. Just like the first iteration, there’s no need to reprogram with a computer. All customization is done using the front facing button UI on the controller, and all settings are saved to internal memory on the board. The entire controller is 360-degrees LED backlit (including side lighting of the top plexi) with a 118 LEDs driven in total. There are 130 total LED animations, 7 controller loadouts, and 7 color palette configuration menus.












Spec List:


1. Features:
[*]Button Menu GUI (with 100+ save points)

[*]Color and Mode Feedback System

[*]7 Color Palette Menu Configurators

[]7 Controller Loadouts
*** Including:
- Plexi Palette Configuration Menu

- Vanilla Loadout (Legacy)
** with Palette Configuration Menu*

- Marvel Loadout (Legacy)
** with Palette Configuration Menu*

- Deluxe Loadout (New)
** 3 sub modes*
** 4 Palette Configuration Menus*

[] 4 Plexi LED Modes*
- Solid Color
- Fire
- Cyan Fire
- RGB Rainbow

[] 5 Startup Animation Modes*
- 4 Unique Startup Animations
- 1 Random Startup Animation
[*] 2 Street Fighter Animation Modes (customizable and Unique to 3 controller loadouts)
- Ryu (5 Legacy Animations)
- Guile (5 New Animations)

[*] 2 Extra Modes
- Hot Plug Reset
- Factory Reset

[*] 130 LED Animations
Note: Some animations include sub-modes (for unique animation settings and color configurations) that can be configured in real-time while the animations are running. Since they are too many to mention, they are not listed here.

Animations Running in Parallel:
*- 36 Action Button Screensaver *
- 35 Case Animations (front and side of case)
- 4 Plexi Animations (top plexi and back of case including cable compartment)

Standalone Animations:
- 35 Full LED Button Screensaver (action button and entire case)
- 10 Street Fighter Animations (Ryu and Guile)
- Plexi Lighting
- 5 Startup Animations
** 4 Unique Startup*
** 1 Random Startup (6 unique animations)*

2. Controller Loadouts (7 Total) -
Note: Some loadouts include sub-modes that can be configured in real-time while the loadouts are selected. They are listed here applicable.

[]Random Color
]** Simon**
[]** Tournament Mode**
]** Button Fade + Ripple (aka Tribute to @Toodles Remora board)**
3 Loadout Modes + Action Button Screen Saver:
- Button Fade + Button Hold
- Ripple Gradient + Button Hold
- Ripple Solid + Button Hold
[]** Vanilla (Button Press + Button Hold)**
]** Marvel (2 Swap Animations + 3 Color Modes + Button Hold)**
[]** Deluxe **
3 Loadout Modes:
** Button On press

** Button On press + Button Press + Button Hold*
** Button On press + Button Press + Button Hold + Multi-button Press + Multi-Button Hold*

Just wrapped up on the project. I’ll try to post a complete demo when I have time to do a proper video.


This is AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to implement read/write memory for some time now, seeing you succeed gives me hope that it can be done! Any tips on which chip can be used for this?



I’m backing up as much as possible from this thread in light of recent events.

This is so we can start fresh on whatever platform TT moves to, remember that I am building a knowledge base on our site (http://support.paradisearcadeshop.com/support/solutions/folders/14000099093) for the kaimana which has been abandoned for a bit but I will continue to expand it.

@SusanInParadise, Ben and I are also reachable via ticket (http://support.paradisearcadeshop.com/support/tickets/new) for anything PAS related.


Well shit.
Forgot about that.


To end all this in a high note: New code is out!

Following an overwhelming response in the poll, I’ve developed an 8 button only layout. My regular download location is unavailable so I’ve created a Shared Google Drive folder with it


Thanks to everyone who’s supported PAS and me by purchasing, messaging and asking questions about the products. I will follow the developments so we can start another thread/topic/whatever in the new platform. The links above will continue to work and I’m active in the TT Discord/PAS Facebook/TechTalk Facebook if you need me.