Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!


I figured out my issue with uploading the code. This support article on the support.paradisearcadeshop.com has the solution.

And I realized that this etokki pcbs has two grounds !!! I think by having more than one connected that it was shorting… Anyways I think I am good to go!!


Here is the finished project!



Apologies for the late responses guys, been working on a couple of things that should be good for building out layouts!

Looking good!!

The usb switch is not on the UFB it’s on the Khameleon. So the detection goes on the Kaimana first and the shortcut is HOME+K1 so it doesnt interfere with the UFB shortcuts.


One thing I just noticed. On one of my J2 led’s, it looks like the green flashes on and off.

I checked the connection and it looks good, and wiggling it doesn’t seem to improve it. Do I possibly have one wonky J2?

Here is a video of the behavior.


Siiiick never knew I had to hold down Home. That’s so nice.


Hi, I’m thinking about to buy a kaimana mini but I see that are 2

Any difference betwen each other?


The more expensive model has a switch so you can change its programming without opening the stick.


Hi guys I’m using the Kaimana board with the brooks universal fight board and have a strange problem. Whenever the Kaimana board is used with the brooks board P3 and K2 do not work. When I take out the Kaimana board and use the brooks board by itself, P3 and K2 work again. Does anyone know what is causing this? I’m using the hitbox code that JRDIBBS posted. Thank you


@Jujujam I had issues with that too. Are you using the 20pin or the pass through breakout board? With mine, I had to plug the Kaimana mini into the 20 pin of the EZ Build board that comes with Panzers in order for it to work consistently. Sounds like the 20pin on the Brook may not be connecting properly with the Kaimana female 20 pin piece. If that’s the case, you can try wiggling the board around a little and making sure it’s pushed on all the way, or, if you’re connecting a 20 pin harness onto the Kaimanas 20pin out, try a different harness and making sure the pins are straight on the Kaimana mini. Good luck! Its not a bad Kaimana though, I thought that at first.


Fūrinkazan - Ultimate LED Fightstick Version 2.0 - Demo Videos

Follow up to Version 2.0 Post

Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!

Finally got around to doing a few more demo videos from the LED mod completed last year.

The videos have captions embedded. Just turn the captions on to give you a walkthrough of the demos.

List of Demos (By Playlist Order):
• Version 2.0 Reveal (3:50)
• Button Color Mapping (8:26)
• Button Fade + Button Ripple (2:12)
• Plexi Animations (2:06)
• Guile Combo Animations (1:12)

Demo Playlist

Demo Videos

Version 2.0 Reveal Video

Button Color Mapping Demo

Button Fade + Button Ripple Demo

Plexi Animations Demo

Guile Combo Animations

Spec List

1. Features:

Button Menu GUI (with 100+ save points)
Color and Mode Feedback System
7 Color Palette Configuration Menus

7 Controller Loadouts Including:
- Plexi Palette Configuration Menu

- Vanilla Loadout (Legacy)
• with Palette Configuration Menu

- Marvel Loadout (Legacy)
• with Palette Configuration Menu

- Deluxe Loadout (New)
• 3 sub modes
• 4 Palette Configuration Menus

• 4 Plexi LED Modes
- Solid Color
- Fire
- Cyan Fire
- RGB Rainbow

• 5 Startup Animation Modes
- 4 Unique Startup Animations
- 1 Random Startup Animation

• 2 Street Fighter Animation Modes (customizable and Unique to 3 controller loadouts)
- Ryu (5 Legacy Animations)
- Guile (5 New Animations)

• 2 Extra Modes
- Hot Plug Reset
- Factory Reset

• 130 LED Animations
Note: Some animations include sub-modes (for unique animation settings and color configurations) that can be configured in real-time while the animations are running. Since they are too many to mention, they are not listed here.

Animations Running in Parallel:
- 36 Action Button Screensaver
- 35 Case Animations (front and side of case)
- 4 Plexi Animations (top plexi and back of case including cable compartment)

Standalone Animations:
- 35 Full LED Button Screensaver (action button and entire case)
- 10 Street Fighter Animations (Ryu and Guile)
- Plexi Lighting
- 5 Startup Animations
• 4 Unique Startup
• 1 Random Startup (6 unique animations)

2. Controller Loadouts (7 Total) -
Note: Some loadouts include sub-modes that can be configured in real-time while the loadouts are selected. They are listed here applicable.

Random Color
Tournament Mode
Button Fade + Ripple (aka Tribute to @Toodles Remora board)

3 Loadout Modes + Action Button Screen Saver:
- Button Fade + Button Hold
- Ripple Gradient + Button Hold
- Ripple Solid + Button Hold
Vanilla (Button Press + Button Hold)
Marvel (2 Swap Animations + 3 Color Modes + Button Hold)

3 Loadout Modes:
• Button On press
• Button On press + Button Press + Button Hold
• Button On press + Button Press + Button Hold + Multi-button Press + Multi-Button Hold


Hi, All
Im currently using the Brook Universal Fighting Board w/ 20-Pin and Pre-Soldered Headers arcadeshock with the Kaimana Mini Kit also noticed the P4,K3, & K4 doesnt light up , but when i tested on my friend older brook ufb and all 8 led light works.


in fiddling with this monstrosity I broke an LED. so I’m down to 7.

As I’m trying to use the code I keep getting these errors… here is whats on the screen when I go to verify

 Arduino: 1.8.5 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino Leonardo"

sketch/kaimana.cpp: In member function 'Kaimana::setALL(int, int, int)':
sketch/kaimana.cpp:77:35: warning: iteration 29 invokes undefined behavior [-Waggressive-loop-optimizations]
   _led[index+ 1].r = iR*BRIGHTNESS;
sketch/kaimana.cpp:89:3: note: containing loop
In file included from /Users/kuukuuomoi/Documents/Arduino/libraries/panzer2kaimana-2/animations.h:35:0,
                 from /Users/kuukuuomoi/Downloads/panzer2kaimana/panzer2kaimana.ino:1:
kaimana.h:152: error: 'prog_uint8_t' does not name a type
 const prog_uint8_t sinusoid[257] PROGMEM = {
kaimana.h:176: error: 'prog_uint8_t' does not name a type
 const prog_uint8_t colorCycleData[] PROGMEM = {
Multiple libraries were found for "animations.h"
 Used: /Users/kuukuuomoi/Documents/Arduino/libraries/panzer2kaimana-2
 Not used: /Users/kuukuuomoi/Documents/Arduino/libraries/kaimana
 Not used: /Users/kuukuuomoi/Documents/Arduino/libraries/kaimana
 Not used: /Users/kuukuuomoi/Documents/Arduino/libraries/kaimana
 Not used: /Users/kuukuuomoi/Documents/Arduino/libraries/kaimana
exit status 1
'prog_uint8_t' does not name a type

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

going crazy still trying to fix


you have more than one folder with Kaimana.h (etc.) references in it. try deleting or moving a few other attempted scripts to a different folder, leaving one…

Should be good to go, it helped me in this situation


I searched and couldn’t find a definite answer, but when I power my LEDs through the USB cord, all my buttons are a solid red, but if I plug a USB cable directly into the Kaimana, it has my custom button color layout. What did I do/not do?


Listen, for me it was that i had the Kaimana upside down… after flipping it it got power properly.
but that was just a rare thing i decided to try.

Also, make sure you have power running to the vcc port (assuming you have the breakout combo piece that came with it).

Hope that helps.


I think I have it all set up right, though, besides the button wires not being connected yet.

But this is what I get…

I’m at a loss :frowning:
And this is with the Kaimana board USB



i did the same thing, turn the Kaimana around, be Amazed :stuck_out_tongue:

With that said, i finally got my artwork… here is my stick.


Woo <3


Ok, I wish I could thumbs you up to infinity. Thank you SO much. That did it.


Glad to hear it! share the results, i wanna see what you and others come up with. :smiley:


Ok, so I got that situated, but only 1 LED activates on press. This project is taking more work than I thought it would, lol…