Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!


Glad to see you made it! For somre reason this thread is not notifying me anymore so i resubscribed. LMK if you need help!


Just wanna know where I could’ve messed up where only 1 button would light up on press. I broke 2 of my Kaimana, so I couldn’t test it right now anyway :frowning:
There’s that, plus my Kaimana stopped recognizing USBs for some reason…


You should try resetting the kaimana using the process here:



I can’t even get to that step. My Port’s not even recognized anymore.


Finally got my Kaimana somewhat setup! Anyone know how to keep the buttons lit during idle, but off during tournament mode? I messed around with the code and got it working with idle being one color and pressed being another, but when I activate tournament mode. The animation flashes, but the idle color still stays.


That happened with my first kaimana, i had to get a replacement :confused:

Also, i would check your LED ordering, since you flipped it around things may be different than the first go around.


Damn… I just had to RMA my mini breakout because it had a problem. I think I’m just having really bad luck :frowning: . I don’t have the funds ATM to send the Kaimana back too :confused:


What code are you using? if you are using custom code you need to implement a tournament mode switch. I have implemented one in my code if you want to take a look.


I’m using your J2 code from the Kimana master GitHub.

Edit, I am using the J2 code from the 8btnfull from the Kaimana Master zip.
Here is my files.


Hi all! So I was hoping to do an led mod on my hitbox smashbox. Unfortunately, the gamecube port barely supplies enough power for the arduino mega in the smashbox, so I was planning to add an arduino leonardo, powered by a rechargable battery. Could the Kaimana RGB Leds be hooked up to a standard arduino? And what do their ma look like? How many could I run directly from the arduino (the smashbox has 23 buttons, for reference). Thanks for any help in advance!


Try this code New code and you should be good to go. Holding home will activate/deactivate tournament mode.


Yes, the Kaimana is actually a modded Leonardo so you just have to figure out the wiring. I dont think a Li-ION 3.7v battery will do, a 9v battery is what i see on the internet. the quantity depends on how much amperage you can feed. (ie a usb port with 500mA can drive about 15 leds).


Thanks so much for the response!

Thankfully the adafruit 1000c I’m planning to use with a big ol’ lipo battery can supply 1a, so I think I should hopefully be fine with amperage, I’ll just have to figure out the wiring. Hopefully I’ll post some successful build pictures in the near future! Once again, thanks so much!


Actually, since the main issue is a power one, would it be possible to use the regular kaimana mini + breakout board, and just power it via usb on the board? thanks again!


Hi Guys,

Hope you are well

I am having trouble setting up my Kaimana mini (Had it for years but never got round to installing it because I had an issue but decided to give it a go today again)

I have wired it P1 (0) through P4 to K4 through K1 (15)

#define LED_P4 6
#define LED_P4_B 7
#define LED_P3 4
#define LED_P3_B 5
#define LED_P2 2
#define LED_P2_B 3
#define LED_P1 0
#define LED_P1_B 1
#define LED_JOY 0xFF
#define LED_K4 8
#define LED_K4_B 9
#define LED_K3 10
#define LED_K3_B 11
#define LED_K2 12
#define LED_K2_B 13
#define LED_K1 14
#define LED_K1_B 15
#define LED_SELECT 0xFF
#define LED_SELECT_B 0xFF
#define LED_HOME 0xFF
#define LED_HOME_B 0xFF
#define LED_START 0xFF
#define LED_START_B 0xFF
#define LED_COUNT 16

The problem is with K4: K4 (8) or K4_B (9) is not firing up correctly, the first LED works fine but the other flashes when the button is pushed and then immediately turns off

When the idle animation is active both of the LEDs work as they should - I assume this is a software issue instead of a cable/LED Board issue.

Any help?

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Yes! Theres an unlabeled port on the breakout thats supposed to be the VCC.


Where did you get your code from?This is most likely a fix to the setLED function, you see, if this is the code i think it is, it assumes that a non-numbered led means joystick led so it breaks all the counts and led positions. To fix this you have to remove all the mentions of LED_JOY _HOME _START _SELECT and probably PIN_HOME _SELECT _START.

If you use notepad++ open all the files in it, do CTRL+F, this brings up the Find menu and you can do “Find in all open” which cuts down on tracking time.

Take a backup of the code first!


I have seen that kaimana boards use leds ws2811. Can the ws2812 be used instead?
I have a card with a led in which the green color doesn’t work and I would like to know if there would be any problem in changing that led by a ws2812 or ws2812b.
I remember about the ws2812 is an update of the ws2811, but I do not know what changes have been made specifically


ws2811 = 6 pin = yes
ws2812 = 6 pin = yes
ws2812b = 4 pin = no


Ok, Thank you very much.
So, there’s no compatibility problem with the code, right?