Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!


I never even looked into that option. Now with the EZMOD it looks like it replaces the stock PCB and at that point I might as well hook up the UFB with it while I’m at it.

And just looking at the board it seems a lot easier then soldering onto the stock pcb board.

Now if I went and put in the the brooke UFB with the EZ MOD would I then attach the kaimana mini on top of the UFB or would I still need route all the button wires through the breakout board?


Lets try again, HI guys new here, can anyone help me out with the Kaimana Mini?



We can help you, but only if you pay the big moneys. JK whats up?


Can you post this in the main Paradise Arcade store thread? This is for Kaimana support only.


Sorry about that!


You would NOT need to wire the buttons into the kaimana. the EZ mod already connect them for you.


Weird how I noticed this as i was about to start stripping these wires. Well thats what I was originally thinking as well, however the brook board that comes with the EZ mod only has the 20 pin connector on the side that attaches on top of the EZ Mod.

Which would leave me to believe that Im going to have to strip the ends of these button wires and put them through the breakout board and then 20 pin connector on kaimana to go back to the buttons. And then get power from a random wire connected to the brook board.

Edit: actually thinking this through again it would be easier to just strip a bunch of random wires and screw terminal them between the brook board and kaimana breakout. Plus I won’t have to strip the orginal wires so I can return everything to stock if need be.


If possible just pop the kaimana on top of the brook, then the 20p connector on top of the kaimana, It should work.


The pins weren’t long enough to attach the kaimana on top of it.

I did get it to work last night though by using a pack of wires and stripping both ends just to connect from the breakoutboard to the brook screw terminals. It was tedious and I destroyed about 6 leds in the process.

(my fault, lesson learned to not try to link the brook board and breakout if you currently have power currently going through it)

But everything works now. Lights up, cycles through colors and highlights just one button on button press.