Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!


I never even looked into that option. Now with the EZMOD it looks like it replaces the stock PCB and at that point I might as well hook up the UFB with it while I’m at it.

And just looking at the board it seems a lot easier then soldering onto the stock pcb board.

Now if I went and put in the the brooke UFB with the EZ MOD would I then attach the kaimana mini on top of the UFB or would I still need route all the button wires through the breakout board?


Lets try again, HI guys new here, can anyone help me out with the Kaimana Mini?



We can help you, but only if you pay the big moneys. JK whats up?


Can you post this in the main Paradise Arcade store thread? This is for Kaimana support only.


Sorry about that!


You would NOT need to wire the buttons into the kaimana. the EZ mod already connect them for you.


Weird how I noticed this as i was about to start stripping these wires. Well thats what I was originally thinking as well, however the brook board that comes with the EZ mod only has the 20 pin connector on the side that attaches on top of the EZ Mod.

Which would leave me to believe that Im going to have to strip the ends of these button wires and put them through the breakout board and then 20 pin connector on kaimana to go back to the buttons. And then get power from a random wire connected to the brook board.

Edit: actually thinking this through again it would be easier to just strip a bunch of random wires and screw terminal them between the brook board and kaimana breakout. Plus I won’t have to strip the orginal wires so I can return everything to stock if need be.


If possible just pop the kaimana on top of the brook, then the 20p connector on top of the kaimana, It should work.


The pins weren’t long enough to attach the kaimana on top of it.

I did get it to work last night though by using a pack of wires and stripping both ends just to connect from the breakoutboard to the brook screw terminals. It was tedious and I destroyed about 6 leds in the process.

(my fault, lesson learned to not try to link the brook board and breakout if you currently have power currently going through it)

But everything works now. Lights up, cycles through colors and highlights just one button on button press.


Hey not sure if this is the proper place to ask but I recently wired up my stick and I absolutely can’t get these LEDs to work :confused:

The 1st time I messed up and my buttons didn’t work lol but I got more wire and this time all my buttons work! :smiley: However, my Kaimana doesn’t light up at all. Are the leds supposed to light up on their own the 1st time you set them up? Or do you only get light after you install the code? Or do I not have any power for leds or something? Can someone look at my setup and tell me if something is wrong here?


Make sure you are only connecting the kaimana or Brooks, dont connect both at the same time you might kill the whole thing!


oh didn’t know that…thought I needed power or some shit. I hope that’s not why the lights aren’t turning on x.x
any idea what to do though? am I missing something? The stick functions as it’s supposed to but still no LEDs.


Does anyone know if there’s any sort of incompatibilities between the new Kaimana Mini and the old J2s with the old connecting cables? I bought this stuff way back at Evo 2015, never got a chance to get it all setup. I ended up having to sell the khameleon. Fast forward to today, I had bought a Kaimana Mini from a friend. I wired everything together and… Nothing. I tried plugging in each J2 by itself and one a few of them I heard an audible pop which I assume means that they are dead now. Did I screw myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Finest!

If you look at the top of the pcb you should see one DO side and one DI side, make sure you are connecting on the DI side oif the KAimana J (white ones are J and black ones are J2s)


Hey, thanks for the response. I connected them in that order (Kaimana -> DI -> DO -> DI…) And I’ve notcied that when I chain them all together, they don’t all light up. Did I screw up when I heard those LEDs pop earlier?


So I think my problem is that I don’t have anything wired to VCC? I don’t know what wire to put there.

Atm I have 2 gnd wires (1 from the lever and another from a daisy chain connecting all my buttons). Do I use the lever gnd wire, or what? Anyone willing to share…?

Really don’t want to mess my stick up…again :confused:


You do not need wire anything to vcc for the kaimana to work.

Try this, unseat the kaimana from the Brooks and connect it by itself to your PC. If that works you need to make sure your board is seated correctly.


connected it by itself and it makes the connect noise, a yellow light quickly flashes, then the kaimana gives a permanent red light, but no buttons had any leds :c


Okay, round 2. Bought some brand new J2s and tried to wire everything up. But now only 5 LEDs light up. Did I miss something here?

Also, these harnesses are incredibly difficult to remove. Trying to slowly wiggle the harness out resulted in the entire thing coming off of the board.can I solder this back on with little problems?


Ok so I got some replacement LEDs and now everything lights up all nice~
My latest problem is coding. I have absolutely no idea what to do or where to go from here. By any chance do you think you could share your code with me @JRDIBBS ?

I only use 7 buttons P1/2/3, K1/2/3, and Start. I would like to setup tournament mode and if possible an idle breathing effect (but the breathing isn’t necessary).

Currently my LEDs are purple (like desired) but even though I set the random to be all black after a certain time they go back to the default rainbow effect. My start button which is red also seems to be swapped with my K1 for some reason color wise… man I suck with code >.<

So yeah if you could PM me or show me on here when you get a chance I’d appreciate it~

Quick update: Got the lights in the proper order! (followed the PAS tutorial too closely and used their LED order instead of my actual order…)

So all that’s left is enabling a tournament mode, and possibly a breathing idle effect! ^^