Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year!


Yeah, pure blue becomes closer to cyan in the on or off state. Boot flash and idle animations will show a deep, saturated blue though.

I’ll see if I can get my sketch files uploaded when I get home, then you could take a peek at the code generated from Brightstick.


Actually, I just went and recreated my setup at Brightstick. These files should match what I’m using at home.



Did anyone have a chance to check out the code and see if anything stood out to them as affecting the color accuracy?



I’m sorry, I have not had a chance yet. I tried loading it on one of my work PCs and it wouldn’t recognize the COM port. My other PC recognizes it but because it’s a Linux machine I need to install Crossdev support for it, so once I do that I can test it. It’s been busy up here and we’re in the middle of a reorganization as well.

I’ll follow up as soon as I can.


Hi, i have a question in regards to the rainbow idle animation. Does anyone happen to know how to change the colors? for example, I’d like to remove yellow and green. Thanks for any help


@GanjaD Theres no simple way to do this, because the values for R,G and B are calculated using a bit of math along with an array of values in the animation_idle function in the animations.cpp. You could try and design the curves for the color you do want to cycle through.

Example if you want red and blue, you can just use a sine function on those two values and leave green on 0.


Where do i write my code at for the 8 button layout ? sorry im confused is it brightstick.freecade