Kakuto Chojin: First Blood

Hi guys, my name is John, and I have great news. My friends and I, who are all programmers and work with 3d design, are planning on doing a remake of Kakuto Chojin, the forgotten 3d fighter made for Xbox years ago. We feel we can remake this game and make it into something far better than it was. We intend on revamping the gamemplay, to make it deeper and more intuitive. We also intend to make the stages more interactive, with destructible elements like Tao Feng, Fist of the Lotus(another forgotten fighter). In Kakuto Chojin: First Blood, you’ll also actually see damage on your fighter(another feature from Tao Feng). That’s right, your character will get bruised, battered and beaten in the Gauntlet of Fire Tournament! All possible with the Unreal 3 Engine. You’ll be able to see sweat glistening on the fighters’ skin, blood pouring from open wounds, and clothing being ripped and torn.

That’s not all. This game will also have a counter system built into an indepth grappling system that all characters will utilize, making for very brutal, realistic, and vicious fights. If you ever wanted to ground and pound, or even curb stomp an enemy, you can here! Knock your opponent into the arcade machines at the arcade, slam them into boxes and crates, knock them down the stairs as they tumble on down, even knock them through glass windows and off a roof! The possibilities are endless.

Kakuto Chojin: First Blood - a new 3d fighter for a new generation. hardcore, brutal, realistic, and grimdark. This is the Warhammer 40k of 3d fighters, and you will NOT forget it!

Here is a screenshot teaser for you, showing a stage we are working on currently:

In this arena, you can knock your opponent into turnstyles, vending machines, even onto the tracks where you can continue the battle! be warned though, you don’t want to be on the tracks when the Pain Train is coming…

Make sure to include Steve Wilkos

I’m sorry, but why would we put celebrities into this game? Frankly, we’d much rather get the original cast in before even discussing new characters.

Here’s a few more arena samples. This one is currently done with daytime lighting, but we’ll fix that and make it a nighttime stage:
That stage is going to be quite interesting, as it is obviously in the “hood”. So expect to hear gunshots and ambulances/firetrucks/cop cars as you fight.

This is another stage, it’s in a street late at night as a storm is raging. You’ll even be able to knock people through the windows of the stores and continue the fight inside!

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