Kakuto Chojin

I have decided to create a thread dedicated to the the Dream Publishing fighting game Kakuto Chojin.

Kakuto Chojin is made by members of Dream Factory; the same team that made Tobal No.1, Tobal No.2 and The Bouncer.
And with that, this game shares many similarites.
Also this game was rushed out onto the market and unfortunately wasn’t finished; and it shows.

Now, before I start talking about the game in depth, I would like to remind you that I am aware of the game’s shortcomings.
They do not need to be pointed out incessantly unless you are proving a point.

Oh, and I could make a tier list. However, I’m not going to right now.
I find them distracting from discussion of the overall game system.
I will do one at some point, as I have a rough idea of what they are.

Ok, to start you guys off, I’m going to show you a combo video made by the great MrWhitefolks (all your combo video are great).
As this is a combo video some of the stuff isn’t exactly pratical, but it’s fun to watch nonetheless.

Here is Kakuto Chojin’s soundtrack.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

This was only on XBOX?! Crap. I would like to play it. Question: Is there a command list?

Erm… Yes, there is, but it only one half of it is in the game.
You get the ‘Kakuto’ part in the game’s training mode (training mode in the game is very basic).
However, the ‘Chojin’ part is in the Prima Kakuto Chojin stratergy guide.

Upon completion of the game you unlock your respective character’s Chojin moveset.
Which is like choosing a ‘Groove/ISM’ before the fight starts.

Here is a basic system guide on the game. It is property of the guy that made it on Gamefaqs.


  1. CONTROLS and BASIC’s 101

Basic Controls
Y- Attack High
X- Attack Middle
A- Attack Low
B- Special
R- Block
R+B- Speed Boost
R+Y- Throw
R+v- Crouch
R+^- Jump
L+Any Direction- Run

The simplier of the Movsets, has less combo-able moves but its usually easy to link
them up in SPEED BOOST.

Changes the way the fighters play, and for one or two of the fighters the fighting Style.
Hard to use but offer moves and far more combos. These can only be opened after completing the
game with each fighter.

You may notice the your health bar at the top changing colour everynow and then,
this is becuase it also contains SPEED BOOST metre, whenu active your SPEED BOOST or SPECIAL attack the
will emtpy and change to a red colour, but won’t refill if your blocking, but fills you faster if your
You’ll also notice the less health you have the less the SPEED BOOSt bar has to fill.

There are two ways to perform dodges. You can double tap BACK, OR you can dodge
the strike by pressing FORWARD at the exact moment your opponents strike lands.
If you dodge a low attack you will automatically jump.

Depend on the character, some are done by input a command or leaving the Analog stick and buttons alone.

Pressing Y,X, or A Will counter a throw. If you successfully counter the throw,
Both you and your opponent enter a “repartee,” in which you both hammer the attack buttons
as quickly as possible, resulting in a a series of very fast strikes shown in cinematic angles.
If your Boost gauge is full you can finish off your opponent with B.

You rush towards the opponent dodge all high attack and opening up dodge attacks commands.
Done by tapping towards the opponent while rising from a crouch,
push ^ or v during it will make u quick sidestep.

Pressing R at the exact moment you touch the ground will allow you to tech roll.
Defensive rolls can be done by pressing any DIRECTION instead of R.
Pressing FORWARD and R will allow you to handspring forward.

Does as it say’s on the tin, except it turns you blue, speeds up your character
allowing previous unlinkable attacks and full combo strings to join together to
allow larger combos. Sometimes it will also change the attacks himself (animation changes)
and will also make certian moves ‘Launchers’.

During SPEED boost, certain moves in each characters moveset will launch the opponent
into the air allowing for the bigger combos.

This is for Unblockable attacks when the Special button its pressed(B), it can
only be done when the Speed boost bar is Full, you’ll flash red while doing it.
If the bar isn’t full it’ll use a different attack that is blockable.

Some of the rings/stages/area can have ring outs which can only be done by air juggling them over the side.

The Back Alley
Associated Character-Yin Kai Li
Ring Out? NO

The Chamber
Associated Character-Khan
Ring Out? NO

Deep Freeze
Associated Character-Vegard
Ring Out? NO

Enter The Fire
Associated Character-J.D. Stone
Ring Out? NO

Gladiator Ring
Associated Character-Crusher Ramirez
Ring Out? NO

Hall Of Fates
Associated Character-Asad
Ring Out? NO

The Killing Floor
Associated Character-Sabre
Ring Out? NO

Associated Character-Roxy
Ring Out? YES

Stairway To Hell
Associated Character-Rena
Ring Out? Yes

Top Of The World
Associated Character-Reiji
Ring Out? NO

Under Heaven
Associated Character-Shadow
Ring Out? NO

The Underbelly
Associated Character-Vittoria
Ring Out? Yes

Circle Of Fire
Associated Character-Daeva
Ring Out? NO

Here is the guide itself.

Anyone else with questions, feel totally free to ask.

Facepalm anyone?

No reason to rain on his parade. :razzy:

Thank you. I appreciated that.

I’ll try and have some matches up in the next week or two.