Kalypso's Hugo FAQ

==This guide will not be finished, I’m too lazy. If ANYONE wants to attempt to write their own, on a reply a few down I put the rtf files of what’s written here, including forum formatting. None of this is copyrighted to me. Do what you want with it.=

-=Kalypso’s Hugo FAQ=-

Just to let you know, I’m by no means an expert Hugo player. In fact, when I play, I’m pretty much a scrub. I decided to try and change that by watching a good ammount of match videos, looking at his moves stats, organizing as much stuff as I could to find viable ways to win. Such things will be what this post is composed of strategy-wise, things I have observed in videos and heard about in threads. ANYTHING you may have to add to this guide, if I find it useful I will add it in. As with all of my posts like this, I would rather this be a discussion than a one-sided lecture. Anyway, without further delay, the guide to the guide!

Also, if I have typos or clerical errors, please point them out. I’d like this to be as easy to read as possible.

For damage, I have chosen to perform combos in Training Mode on a Playstation 2, against a Computer Dummy Ken. Settings Default. I could have used Karathrow’s stats, however I found it more benefitial to simply do them myself for a few reasons. First of all, Karathrow’s combo damage calculation is more complicated than me simply doing it myself. Second, I did not write or have anything to do with Karathrow, not saying it’s unreliable but I’d rather confirm things myself. What I will be using are Karathrow stun values, and other assorted things such as frame data.

Karathrow Data for Hugo- http://web.archive.org/web/20040415190636/www.karathrow.com/hugo.html

Some overheads and such will work vs Ken, but not vs other characters crouching. I will test them all eventually, that will be a future update.

qcf - Quarter Circle Forward (Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
qcb - Quarter Circle Back (Down, Down-Back, Back)
dpf - Dragon Punch Forward (Forward, Down, Down-Forward)
dpb - Dragon Punch Back (Back, Down, Down-Back)
hcf - Half Circle Forward (Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
hcb - Half Circle Back (Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back)
360 - Full Circle Rotation
720 - Two Full Circle Rotations
xx - Cancel

c - Crouching (Down)
a - Air (In the Air)
a.d - Air/Down (Down in the Air)
f - Forward (Towards the oponent)

Commands (Parenthesis for Playstation 2)
lp - Light Punch or Jab (Square)
mp - Medium Punch or Strong (Triangle)
hp - Hard Punch or Fierce (R1)
lk - Light Kick or Short (X)
mk - Medium Kick or Forward (Circle)
hk - Hard Kick or Roundhouse (R2)

th - Throw (LP + LK)
uoh - Universal Overhead (MP + MK)
pa - Personal Action or Taunt (HP + HK)

kara - Cancelling a normal attack into another move so quickly you do the movement of the original attack but don’t execute the action, allowing you to move slightly forward or reverse depending on the attack into a move, such as a throw or a special.

Hugo’s Basic Attacks

Commands in Italics Name
Damage / Damage with a Taunt / Stun
Special Attributes
BL: Y/N, BH: Y/N, PL: Y/N, PH: Y/N (Blockable/Parryable Low/High)

Standing Attacks

LP Light Punch, Jab
Hugo does a snake-like jab.
Pretty fast attack, comboes into itself. Nothing really that special, a jab.
5 / 6 / 5
BL: Y, BH: Y, PL: Y, PH: Y

MP Medium Punch, Strong
Hugo extends his arm and slaps.
One of Hugo’s best normal moves. Great range, good for poking. This move can also snuff leap attacks, examples being Makotos Hayate, Uriens Tackle, Twins Dash Punch, etc. Just requires strict timing, but if you’re using it alot to poke sometimes you’ll get lucky. Important part of Hugo’s poke mixup game.
17 / 20 / 13
BL: Y, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

HP Hard Punch, Fierce
Hugo drops his elbow down.
This move IS an overhead, but it’s fairly slow and vs decent players probably wouldn’t hit unless you get lucky. Does quite a bit of damage though.
24 / 29 / 21
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

LK Light Kick, Short
Hugo does a half-assed little kick.
Short is able to combo into some Specials and Supers, that’s the only real special thing about it. Hugo lacks combos, and this has a few related to it. Other than that, just a typical short, really fast and low-damage to get people off you.
7 / 8 / 3
BL: Y, BH: Y, PL: Y, PH: Y

MK Medium Kick, Forward
Hugo brings his knee up then slams it down.
This move has two differant hits in it, I’ve heard rumors of it being used as anti-air but I have my doubts about that. If any good hugo players wanna give me some input, I’d love to know whether that works or not.
2 Hits!
10 + 6 / 12 + 6 / 9 + 5
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

HK Hard Kick, Roundhouse
Hugo does a small jump and kicks the enemy with both feet.
Seems like a pretty predictable move, not nearly as good as air roundhouse imo.
22 / 26 / 19
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

Crouching Attacks

C.LP Crouching Jab
Hugo does a snake-like jab.
If you’re gonna jab, it should be a crouching jab. Not only can this combo into itself, but specials and supers as well. A better alternative in most cases.
4 / 5 / 3
BL: Y, BH: Y, PL: Y, PH: Y

C.MP Crouching Strong
Hugo does a snake-like jab.
Personally, I almost never use this. C.MK has better range, C.LP comboes like mad, I don’t find much use for C.MP at all. Not even more stun than C.LP.
13 / 15 / 3
BL: Y, BH: Y, PL: Y, PH: Y

C.HP Crouching Fierce
Hugo shoots his head upward, then falls down.
DANGER! Don’t use this! lol. Really, it’s not good, I believe it’s an overhead but you’d never know because it won’t hit someone that’s crouching. It’s not safe antiair, it’s not safe period, slow recovery, just a bad move.
16 / 19 / 13
BL: Y, BH: Y, PL: Y, PH: Y

C.LK Crouching Short
Hugo does a crouching kick.
Does not combo into itself, but does into specials and supers. Not that great other than that, like many other shorts, fast and low damage.
5 / 6 / 3
BL: Y, BH: N, PL: Y, PH: N

C.MK Crouching Forward
Hugo does a long crouching kick.
Another one of Hugos best normal moves, and possibly one of his best moves period. Very long range, knocks down, good damage, they have to block low which sets up for mixup game, very good.
14 / 17 / 3
BL: Y, BH: N, PL: Y, PH: N

C.HK Crouching Roundhouse
Hugo lunges his butt at the enemy.
Honestly, I just don’t get this move. Sometimes it’s an overhead, sometimes it’s not. I can’t tell when it is or isn’t in training, as every time I think I have it figured out something happens which disproves my theory. Regardless, this move is really bad, don’t use it. While it has the highest damage of his normal attacks, TERRIBLE recovery time, and if it’s parries that’s your ass. Literally.
24 / 29 / 13
BL: ??, BH: Y, PL: Y, PH: Y

Air Attacks

A.LP Jumping Jab
Another snake-like jab.
Nothing special. Does come out really fast, but then again it’s a jab, so duh.
5 / 6 / 9
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

A.MP Jumping Strong
Another snake-like thrust.
I actually use this sometimes, but just for mixup. Same as jab, nothing really that special, but decent damage for it’s speed.
14 / 17 / 13
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

A.HP Jumping Fierce
Hugo slams his fist forward.
I think this is a pretty unsafe move, but it has decent range and might actually have some potential for jump-in. However, I don’t think it holds a candle to A.HK or A.D.FP, so you won’t be using it much.
22 / 26 / 17
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

A.LK Jumping Short
Hugo extends his knee.
This move comes out fast and isn’t generally expected, since hugo’s so big people normally expect punches and attacks of the like, this is just a quick knee smack. It has its uses, but they’re limited.
8 / 10 / 7
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

A.MK Jumping Forward
Hugo extends his knee.
Same as A.LK, just slower and stronger.
14 / 17 / 11
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

A.HK Jumping Roundhouse
Hugo hits the oponent with both feet.
Now, this is a GOOD move. It may not be aparent at first, but this move is an entire mixup all by itself. Due to the enormous range it has, it’s fairly hard to predict when to parry it. If the move does connect, you can combo it into specials and supers, namely Hammer Frenzy (SA3). Also, you can easily whiff this if you get the timing down and proceed with a ground mixup. I don’t see that much of this move, but I think it’s quite good. I’d rate it Hugo’s best normal move, aside from S.MP and C.MK.
19 / 22 / 15
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y


LP + LK "The Choke"
Hugo picks the oponent up and chokes them.
This is the stun throw, when you use it that should be why, stun. Bad damage/range compared to the others. 8 hits.
17 / 19 / 40
Possible to Combo after in a corner, however it’s quite hard.

F.LP + F.LK "The Slam"
Hugo picks up the oponent and slams them, head-first into the ground. Looks really cool imo.
I’ve seen this used to reverse corner situations similar to 360.LK, you throw them behind you when they have you cornered. That’s the only real use for it.
23 / 29 / 13


F.FP "Fist of Anger"
Hugo makes a funny face and slams his fist into the oponent.
I don’t really know what this would be used for. Maybe you could work it into a mixup game. I’m not sure if you can block it low, because everyone is too small for it to hit them.
23 / 27 / 21
BL: ??, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

A.D.FP "The Splash"
Hugo does a belly-flop on the oponent.
Just as an aside, if Hugo did this to anyone in RL they’d die from fear. Every time I see the game paused when Hugo’s doing this I start laughing, he’s just such a crazy guy. Belly-flopping on people. Anyway, this is a good move for his cross-up game. You can either cross them up or fake-cross them up, then proceed to combo.
14 / 17 / 21
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

UOH Universal Overhead
Hugo jumps and extends his knee.
Garbage. Unless you really, really need an overhead don’t use this. Never once seen it in tournament play. However, you CAN buffer for Gigas when using thos move, if you choose to use this to charge your 720 for gigas. You charge 360 while the move is going, then another 360 right when the hitstun wears off and execute the super.
5 / 6 / 3
BL: N, BH: Y, PL: N, PH: Y

PA Taunt
Hugo flexes.
If you press the button, he charges his attacks. If you hold it, he flexes twice and also charges his grabs, adding damage. The ammount is included with each attack. Really, I never use this, I only find it worth the risk with Gigas Breaker, a super I don’t commonly use. If you use Gigas Breaker, it’s worth learning how to set the taunt up, just know if your meters full and you’re taunting they KNOW what’s coming, be prepared to parry so your taunt doesnt get cancelled.
This also raises armor slightly for the duration of the round. Nothing compared to Q, who pretty much doubles his armor in 3 taunts. Hugo reduces a 22 dmg shoryuken to 16 dmg in 4 taunts.
While this is a small ammount in comparison, it DOES change the flow of the match. Hugo has high enough armor already, this just tops it off. I’m going to try and use this when possible more. Another 1/3 of a lifebar for 4 taunts is pretty win.

Hugo’s Special Moves

360.P Somersault Press or Earthshaker
Hugo grabs the oponent, spins them up the air then smashes them, still spinning, onto the ground.

This is a very good move and vital link in hugo’s game, mostly because of the incredible grab range the jab version has. If they are closer and you can gauge the range and act accordingly, the strong and fierce versions are useful as well, but don’t add that much damage.

35 / 44 / 19
37 / 46 / 19
41 / 51 / 19

Again, if you don’t want to mess with the differant degrees for a few more points of damage, sticking with fierce is your best bet. When you execute this move, be careful to not press punch too fast, as you can punch before the grab executes and knock them away, then activate the grab, which whiffs and leaves you open to attack. This grab can be executed after a parry, on wakeup (Although not that safe, especially not vs shotos, you’ll get shoryukened every time). Spacing is important when using this, and only practice can teach you that. Hugo has 3 main ranges he operates from, Far Range (Outside of poke range, sometimes across the screen), Poke Range (MP, C.MK and QCB.P territory) and Point Blank Range (Begins when a 360.LP will hit). But strategy will be discussed more in depth later.

360.K Meat Squasher
Hugo runs at the oponent with his hands in front of him, if he makes proper contact he grabs them, runs them to a corner and slams them up against a wall.

First of all, never use this move roundhoused, ever. I’m not even going to give the stats, the roundhouse version of this move is so terrible it has no reason to be mentioned. Not only does it take forever and a day for hugo to start running, but when he reaches the oponent it takes him so long to grab them even a scrub would punish you with his choice of combos. There -may- be some sort of combo involving the roundhouse version of this move, but when using block-stun to grab and corner them, simply don’t use the roundhouse version. If I’m off base on this assumption, please correct me.

23 / 29 / 13
23 / 29 / 13
23 / 29 / 13

This move, short or forward, is very, very good. In many cases you can train your oponent to block instead of parry certain attacks, the first that comes to mind are the claps. The claps are hard to parry, since their timing is differant enough to prevent a completely accurate parry timing, so people typically block it. When you see them block a clap, you can spin the stick 360 and execute a shorted version of this move, which will NOT combo or link but almost immediately grabs them, then runs them to the corner. Obviously corners are the win for any character, Hugo is no exception.

This move is used for mixup and for cornering. The damage isn’t that special, and neither is the stun. I’ve seen some pretty creative uses for this in videos, almost always the short version, forward only when you need the extra range.

HCB.K Ultra Throw
Hugo chucks the oponent against the wall he is facing, they bounce off upwards.

This move is sort of a combo-setup throw, as oposed to as single-hit 360 throw. Both of his 360 throws are done once you execute them, the Ultra Throw is just the beginning, because quite frankly by itself it’s not that useful.

10 / 12 / 7
10 / 12 / 7
10 / 12 / 7

Most of this throw will be covered in the combo section, but let me say quickly that HCB.K => DPF.K is NOT the best Ultra Throw combo, it’s just the coolest looking. That entire combo does less damage than a 360.LP. It does look really cool though, killing people with the combo gives you a special sense of pride.

DPF.K Shootdown Backbreaker
Hugo lunges in the air, if he successfully makes contact with the enemy he brings them to the ground and slams them on his knee.

This move is actually quite useful if used correctly, for a variety of differant purposes.

26 / 33 / 15
26 / 33 / 15
26 / 33 / 15

Now, this first use is purely theorycrafting, but I believe this move could be somehow harnessed as a mobility move by a very talented player. I’ve seen it used in this manner several times, however it’s not safe and if you aren’t spacing it perfectly you’ll be punished. Probably not worth the effort.
The second, most obvious use of this is anti-air. It works in the same manner as Megaton Press (SA2), he leaps in the air and grabs if they aren’t attacking. Note the “if.” If you’re predictable with this move, it won’t work. It’s best use is for players who are quite perceptive and can see a jump coming and intercept it. I see this done alot in tournaments, it’s no game winner but it’s worth knowing how to do.

QCF.K [EX] Monster Lariat or Clothesline
Hugo runs forward and slams his arm into an oponents head or upper torso, clotheslining them.

I’m very torn on the usefullness of this move. I’ve seen it used as anti-air of all things, but I’m not convinced the non-EX versions are useful enough to use consistantly.

22 / 26 / 11
23 / 27 / 13
24 / 29 / 15
26 / 31 / 13

The special thing about the EX version of this move is that you choose when to let it go. Like Hammer Frenzy (SA3) EX Clothesline can be aimed in a manner of speaking, and sort of used as a running poke. If you are able to space it, the EX version definitly has its uses. I don’t see nearly as much potential in the non-EX versions, as they are too easy to predict and punish.

Also note, if they are ducking this move WILL whiff and you WILL get owned. This is why I only really see it as anti-air, if they’re on the ground it’s painfully easy to just duck and avoid it. Not all characters can do this, but most can.

QCB.P [EX] Palm Bomber or The Clap
Hugo slams his palms together in front of him.

His best non-throw special, and one of his best moves overall. There are ALOT of things you can do with the palm bomber, but again that’s for the combo section. Here’s an abridged list: Combo into and out of many moves including SA3, Buffer into Gigas on some occasions, Buffer into 360.K to corner them from anywhere on the map. Tons of stuff. Again, for the combo section, this is just info.

16 / 19 / 15
18 / 21 / 17
20 / 24 / 19
EX (2 hits)
29 / 32 / 6

Hugo’s Super Arts
Coming later today.

A few things:

  1. C. MP is really nice, actually. It has good range, good priority, and doesn’t knock down (C. MK knocks down, but you don’t always want to floor your opponent). Sometimes it beats out stuff that S. MP doesn’t, but I don’t know too many specifics.

  2. S. HP can be really good too on his wakeup games (ahh, for clarification, I mean when your opponent is waking up - not you, heh). If I get a knock down and I’m close, I can dash in and either do SPD, SA1/SA3 (SA3 is more dangerous as a mixup option overall because it’ll stop most attempts to attack on wakeup), C. MK, or S. HP. The trick is that you have to train your opponent to stand or crouch, so if you see them standing, trip em sometimes, and if you see them wakeup to a crouch, overhead 'em sometimes. You’ll be surprised how successful S. HP can be.

  3. Hugo’s personal action actually raises his defense, too, and can be stacked up to four times.

I’m not so sure about this. I just tested it with Hadokens and it failed to prevent any damage.

Edit- It does reduce damage, but by a very small ammount. With all 4 taunts a 22 dmg shoryuken becomes a 16 dmg shoryuken.

Hugo c.mp is actually one of his best moves. If you’re going to zone with the shotos you can’t just spam s.mp and c.mk all day. Those moves have longer recovery and against a good player you’ll get punished if they whiff.

P.S. Not to put your hard work down, but I honestly don’t think a move list is of anyone’s interest here. I believe most of us already know all the basic. Actually I there there are a few faqs on gamefaqs that are excellent reads for starters. I just think it’s better off to talk about what moves/pokes & strategies are good for specific matchups.

I do have a question however. Can you do an ultra throw (not in the corner) -> j.fp or j.rh -> SA3 (let it run for a bit)? Would SA3 cover enough ground such that you can catch them before they land?

If it does work, how does the dmg of that compared to a simple fp 360?

Mention that you can juggle Hugo’s neutral throw in the corner.

I disagree with a couple of your move descriptions. Standing short and crouching short are actually very good pokes and get-off-me moves, good ticks into meatsquasher and claps, and important for buffering into Gigas.

Also, another use for standing fierce is after the opponent blocks your jumping fierce or roundhouse. Players often go low after the opponent blocks their jump in, so many opponents block or look to parry low; the standing fierce can punish that.

Jumping fierce is also a good move. Since Hugo attacks from such a long distance, he is often safe even if the move gets parried. This move doesn’t have much use against short standing characters, but against taller characters it’s quite handy. It’s also really useful in air-to-air battles, like when Hugo is on the way down from his jump and then the opponent jumps.

Jumping forward is also pretty handy. It can beat out a bunch of attacks and is good as an occasional jump-in. Jumping jab/strong are good as anti-air, too.

Lastly, his universal overhead is another good move for buffering into Gigas. In fact, you can hit the opponent with it, do a 360 while it’s hitting, wait for the hitstun to wear off (which happens quickly), and then do another 360 and you can still Gigas them. The uoh can also be used to move Hugo forward into Gigas range, or just to move him forward over a low attack in general.

Edited some stuff.

Thank you very much for the Gigas info, I don’t know anything about it and that info will definitly be added when I do specials/supers section.

As for fierce in the air, I suppose it is quite safe on parry/block, however when trying to use it I normally find something better to do, it just seems to be too high to hit most of the time. If they’re above you and you’re both in the air, fierce would make sense, but other things are better for every other scenario. I do know that roundhouse isnt safe for air to air, so I’ll edit some stuff in.

I don’t think I called the short moves bad, as I use them alot, they’re just nothing special, heh. I’ll clarify that.

You referring to Neutral Throw => EX Clothesline? Because while that is awsome, I’ve only seen it done once O.o I’d need someone to help test that. It seems like one of those things you can do, but are fairly impractical for real play.
And to HugoLizard, I’ve been collecting information for quite awhile. What is there already happens to be what I was able to write last night at 2 am before I fell asleep. I will be completing the other sections, check the other responses in the future.


Also, I differentiate between “Poking” and hugo’s close game. ALOT of the time people refuse to get near hugo, so he has to rely on poke mixup to open an oportunity. Talking about c.mp and other things of the sort don’t fall under the realm of poking. You don’t poke when they’re in the range for that move, there’s an entire close-range mixup game.

You can also juggle off the neutral throw in the corner with a crouching strong or standing/crouching jab.

Sweet =D

If you have any more combos you know of, post em up. I got a fair sized list but a few more never hurt :slight_smile:

Sorry I havn’t uploaded more yet, I’ve had alot of stuff to do, when I get a chance I’ll finish the next 2 sections.

EX clothesline is also pretty useful in combos.

Regular clothesline, you’re right, you don’t use it too often, but it does have some uses. One is as an anti-poke; short clothesline straight up beats, or at least trades with, just about every high-range poke (ie Dudley’s standing roundhouse, Q’s back + fierce, Urien’s standing fierce, etc). Also, if it’s blocked, some characters can’t painfully punish you. This is pretty character-specific, though; it’s really only good to use on tall characters with high-range pokes.

Another use is for mobility, like after you connect with a super. Hugo’s walking speed and even dashing speed kinda suck, but you can make up for that with forward/roundhouse clothesline (or, as you mentioned, with the backbreaker).

A last use is sort of like an antiair, but really more like a preemptive antiair or a meaty. If you’ve trained your opponent to look for you to do something like meatsquasher or dash up moonsault when he’s waking up, chances are he’ll eventually look to just immediately jump instead of sitting there blocking. Well, short/forward clothesline can make him think twice.

All that said, yeah, you don’t see clothesline too often, but it’s good to know about and have available all of Hugo’s tricks.

Yep, theres actually alot of clothesline combos on block that would work if anyone was tall enough to get hit by it when crouching, and other various uses you didn’t note, but you got most of em. The biggest problem with clothesline, and really half of hugos moves is that they won’t hit people, especially not when crouching, because hugo is so damn big. Also, I never knew a short clothesline beat/traded pokes, I normally stick to c.mk / s.mp / claps for the poke game, gonna have to give that a shot.

Nuetral throw xx ex clothesline is not hard to pull off. I never miss it. I guess it just takes practice. Also try jab after the nuetral throw to reset and Gigas as they land. It will only work once. Next time jab reset and either st fp or clothesline b/c they will be jumping for sure.

Bah, I’m too lazy to finish this up. I’m including here a wordpad file of the posts I DID do, if anyone wants to finish it or use my format feel free. I hold no copyright information or anything to what’s here, take whatever you want, just write a good guide on hugo. If anyone does, I’ll make a big reply with some stuff to add/consider, I just don’t have the time/patience to finish this.

The rtf files:

Also, I have quite a few hugo videos, a folder with ALL of hugo’s sprites in it, some animations and etc. If anyone needs these, AIM me @ ShadowKalypso.

why isn’t this stickied? Hugo needs more love, wtf