Kamehame-.... Huh? A cool Ryu Glitch I experienced

So guys, I was playing an online match with someone, decided to try and ground throw them when it was a Ryu mirror match. What happens is that I get close enough to grab him, and he activates his Shinku Hadoken. However, instead of the beam coming out, he gets marked as hit, and he just thrusts his palms out like he’s doing the move, with the background changed… And there’s no Shinku Hadoken!

What the hell happened? Let’s experiment on this some more!

Hi, I don’t know if this qualifies as a glitch. I’ve discovered that if you throw someone with Ryu or Akuma (short throw animation), your assist can actually hit your thrown target before it touches the ground.

e.g. call capt America charging star just before throwing. You will see Charging star intercept your thrown target. This works with any low hitting assists, including all otg assists. While this doesn’t have any use yet, I’ve found some way to increase the potency of Ryu’s offense with throw.

With viper’s sesimo assist, you can call her assist, then throw. The sesimo will prop up your thrown target. If not in corner, you can dash and neutral jump throw as opponent is recovering from sesimo. If in corner, you can do H srk and neutral jump throw.

With firebrand’s hellfire assist, you can call assist 1st, then throw. The hellfire will otg and you can follow up with a full combo.

There are many other assists that works too. Sorry for lack of video as I don’t have capture card :frowning: