Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze


Another Climax Heroes? For the fourth year in a row? Well, it must be selling, so why not?


Hm, 4 player simultaneous 2v2 battles? Could this be a sign of a new engine? Oh well, I’m looking forward to a beautiful trainwreck as always~


I agree with half of that.


And still no PS3/360 release :frowning:


But then they’d have to put more effort into the graphics :stuck_out_tongue:


Well for now its better for the game if they continue to update the existing one until its perfected (like Guilty Gear games).
Plus this whole serie can run on Wii / PSP / PC, so pretty much anyone is able to play it


Space, fuck yeah!


Site’s been updated. I’d expect some video when Tokyo Game Show comes around.


I’m really excited for this game. Hopefully other Showa era Kamen Riders are included.


the game was playable at TGS. there’s some very short footage of the 2v2 (which isn’t simultaneous, as previous screenshots indicated. huh.)

player one seems to have infinite meter for demo purposes

looks better, but still bad



TGS Trailer


sold upon seeing KR Black and Shadow Moon.
unfortunately I don’t even know who the hell are those colorful riders already.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dP2wtLIZto -Wii Trailer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8J_EjRWYfk -PSP Trailer

These trailers confirm additional characters to the roster and they outline the differences between the Wii and PSP versions.

The Wii version has an option for Easy Mode controls and the sounds of the Rider Belts come out of the WiiMote speaker.

The PSP version has Ad-Hoc mode and a fully customizable soundtrack. If it’s anything like the previous game you should be able to import MP3’s into the game as well.


The game has been released!

I for one can’t wait to find out how poorly designed it is.


how was the other games? playable,good,just plain awful? anything like naruto gamecube/wii games ?


The other games were fine but a bit broken. But you could do some really fun stuff in the early games OOO shut that down but Fourze is bringing it back a tad. If you haven’t played any games in the series yet then just pick up Fourze. Unless you need to play as Dark Decade, Auto Vaijin or CycloneAccelXtreme then you can play the early games. Dragon Knight was a decent game that took advantage of Vent Cards but the Ryuki characters are better represented in OOO and Fourze without all the fuss.


Some of my Day 1 Birth (Gotou) tech. So far as I see it Gray Gauge characters are nasty as all get out. I’m gonna get with Shadow Moon next to see what I can see.


This week in Fourze Technology is all about Fourze and his switches. 30+ Minutes of Technology though.