Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W for Wii


whoa, I wouldn’t have expected this to come to any next gen system.

Is this any good?

Cool! And it seems like there’s new characters too, at least one (I don’t remember that double dude). They should totally give it online.
I’ll see if I can get my lil bro to get this, we liked the PS2 one at least somewhat.

Well this is old news for me (but I suppose not for SRK)

A port of Climax Heroes on Wii, that will also feature 9-formed Double and various monsters from KR series, as playable characters. Rumors are they will also finish characters that were left unfinished/unplayable in original game (Gatack & Co).

As for how they will handle Double, I think Cyclone Joker, Heat Metal and Luna Trigger will be each a separate basic form (since each of those has access to super, and in Climax Heroes engine only basic forms have access to supers), and Half Changes that have no supers on their own will be obviously used for secondary forms. I guess it will be like this:

Main: Cyclone Joker (tae-kwon-do)
Secondary: Heat Joker (fire punches)
Secondary: Luna Joker (dhalsim limbs)

Main: Heat Metal (fire-syphoning rod)
Secondary: Cyclone Metal (fast spinning rod)
Secondary: Luna Metal (whip rod)

Main: Luna Trigger (homing bullets?)
Secondary: Cyclone Trigger (wind bullets?)
Secondary: Heat Trigger (fire bullets)