Kanji Icon Translations?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could find the meaning to each Kanji icon they have in the game, I only recognize a couple. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

This is all the Chinese I can read, sorry!

1st Row, Fist, ??, Trust, ??, Miao(Cat meow?), Spring (Chun Li)
2nd Row, Love, ??, ??, Titanium, ??, Thrill, ??(I think this one is soldier), Chill/Cold, Motherly, ??(I recognize it but it slips atm, Heavenly/Sky, Corpse, Melon?, Strength, Silver, Star
3rd Row, Mad (like crazy), King, ??, Thunder, ??, ??, ??, kill, ??, ??, Crazy, ??, ??, Ability, God

Thanks for the help! I was wondering what the motherly one was because I recognized the mother symbol but I didn’t know the other one.

I’d wager the Mother is for Ammaterasu.

Or Crimson Viper