Kansas City Drinking: We Have a Serious Fighting Game Problem

Spicy Thursdays

Host: Jspot
5508 NW 93rd St
Kansas City, MO
Notes: Casuals. Street Fighter centric.

Friday’s at Axiom and Count Smakula’s

Hosts: Axiom and Count Smakula
10241 Connell Dr
Overland Park, Kansas
Notes: Casuals. Large variety of games.

Sundays at Next Door Pizza in Lee’s Summit

Host: Lycann
Next Door Pizza (NDP)
3385 SW Fascination Dr
Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Notes: Casuals. Kick ass food and beer. If you love pizza and beer you have to get out here atleast once. Off the wall selection of both.

All hookups are tentative. Please check both this thread and the facebook group to see if hookups are happening. Otherwise one day you’re going to
show up at an empty room and be very disappointed.

KC SRK Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/172042259490643/


Ryan Juliano - snipermav7
Malcolm Strickland - B1ack Phantom
Nick De Maria - biargh
Raith Vincent - adhdsoad
Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” - EMSBobSmack
Alex McWhirt - conicalmushroom
Nick Sharko - GetThere1Time
Sam Webb - CatgirlFanatic
Clint Corman - PanzerZeit
Dan Maldonado - Lycann
Markis Davis - papermarkis
Andrew Stevens- Chachi SRK
D’Wayne Hopkins- stormin fiasco
Nealand Rattanasamay - Boostah Monkey
Ted Zimmerlee - I Rubedo I

Ryan Juliano - snipermav7
Chadwick Waldrup- KCsNOTORIOUS
Nick De Maria - biargh
Alex Savage - Focra
Chris Cunningham - nFuLLBeeD
Sam Webb - SFCatg1rlFanat1c
Clint Corman - Selkies86
JSPOT - jspot0311
Darius P - dapvip
Dan Maldonado - Lycann666
Brandon Bullock - B13APeX
Spencer Pressly - Torchwood4sp
Deron James - lceBlitz (Both lower case L)
Vincent Watkins - Luigi182
Nealand Rattanasamay - Boostah_Monkey
Derek Battiest - RyuShouryuuken
Ted Zimmerlee - BurningRubedo

Ryan Juliano - snipermav7
Malcolm Strickland - Th3LaughingMan2
Nick De Maria - biargh
Chris Cunningham - nqFuLLBLeeD
Sean Guteriez - arkivezero
Derek Battiest - MGFanatic

Steam ID (remember to post your username you sign in with, not your nickname)
Sean Guteriez - arkivezero
Nick De Maria - Dunge0nman
Raith Vincent - sh499y3
Ryan Juliano - snipermav@hotmail.com
Chris Cunningham - nosxinsanity OR http://steamcommunity.com/id/fullbleed
Spencer Pressly - Torchwood4sp
Ted Zimmerlee - Rubedo2k12


Lol. The new name really puts you guys on notice.

I don’t have a problem. I can quit anytime I want.



Tooooo true.

Cool, hope to see some of you tonight.

Aww fuck. I’m below Cat girl

Any of you guys going to frosty faustings in Chicago this weekend? I am pretty sure 3-4 Omaha cats are going.

Yoooo, we have the rankings back.

Hi guys.

Haaaay guyyyysss

Digging the old school rankings being back. Good luck maintaining that, Nick.

As far as the rankups go, how are we doing that? FT3/FT5 hype matches to decide a rankup following a challenge match being issued. Should we put a cap on how high above your own rank you can challenge? If the top dogs are always fighting challenge matches, people in the middle/lower ranks might get neglected.

I’m pretty satisfied with the rankings though. (Marvel) Darius is leaving soon, so I’d say if no one can dethrone him tonight, it should default to Alex. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that anyway, with Dap off the top.

(SF) Sam at #4? Jonathon at #3? GS fellas. Alex, get to work. Nick, get to work. Drew/Boxy get on the damned lists.

(Tekken) LOL… 3 people. Awesome. Deron/Boxy/Chris not even listed? Perhaps rank matches are on the horizon…

(KOF) GS. I’ll see you guys on the lists in a few weeks when I actually learn how to play, haha.

You forgot BlazBlue.

BB :

  1. Deron Byers (Prod1gy)
  2. Everyone else (Irrelevant)

posting in the thread. If we could get rank matches started this Friday, that would be cool. So how does it work, can you only challenge the person directly above you?

Yeah. You can take me off the list or just honorary mention me or something. Since I’m not here often. Next time I’m back will probably be next Winter.

I think I will be challenging all over the place me no likey my rank

Glad to see the rankings back

Come at me bros:nunchuck:

I would say ranking matches should be ft5s and that we should limit challenges to 2 spots OR the next highest rank. So if I’m 7 and 5 is there, that’s the highest I can challenge. But if it’s just 7 and 3, 2, 1; then 7 can take a shot at 3.

For any curious, Darius and I did a casual set and he beat me 10-7 in a ft10 in some really tight matches so I don’t feel like I can claim that #1 spot just yet. However, I’ll be gunnin and Jean is back and in full force.

Cool new thread and finally made an account first post and all. I challenge Raith for his marvel spot at the next hook up Lets Go!:nunchuck:

Jean Grey ARMY!!!

@Nick I did some investgating of her shes still jean but even better just have to understand her normals and teleport game a bit better. CREATE MORE GIMMICKS
firebird XFACTOR mixup if you desperate.

Tekken is hella fun man so much studying though Jin is an awesome character Looks even better in tag though. Tag is truth.

ft5 Alex next hookup for that no.1 spot in marvel.

Also ft5 Jeremy in kof for no. 1 spot.

Yo I think Nick should be a lot higher in that Marvel rankings list. Oh well, I guess he’s gonna have to prove it to you guys.