Kansas City Drinking: We Have a Serious Fighting Game Problem

Malcolm - Playing Jean isn’t the problem for me. She never was. The nerfs to the character aren’t nearly as bad as advertised. The biggest problem for Phoenix teams in Ultimate is the slow meter gain. It’s harder to get her where she needs to be. That means your first two characters have to do double the work and you have to deal with more snap ins. You get happy birthdayed? No more auto 5 meters. You’re lucky if you end up with 3. There’s just more working against her; side exchanges, more bad matchups (Strider, Morrigan w/ meter drain ball, Firebrand). I even think air xfactor works more against her than for her. If you can hang with all that, she’s still a monster. You just have to jump through a few more hoops.

Chad, I’m up for it this Friday. Sounds like you want more of those baby legs.

JSPOT and Sam should be below me, definitely. Not because they’re bad players (they’re not, by any measure), it’s just that I’ve consistently beat them in tournament settings, so I need to change those rankings in the proper way. Probably not gonna make it to JSPOT’s on Thursday, though.

I appreciate the vote of confidence. I’ll get back on top in time. Unfortunately, to be fair to the ranking system, I can’t just gun for the top. I have to learn Doom and the ins and outs of that duo to make the team really work but I think it’s well on the way. Not dropping so many Doom combos would help too lol but hey, practice mode.

Fwiw, you leveled up hella since you were here last here. Those GA boys training you well. Keep up the good work, man. Blow everyone up at FR. Iron Man of America.

Nick, FT5 in KoF so I can get on there. Deron, FT5 in NBA Hangtime to decide BB #1.

lol Bet…Chachitown cheated last time. Im not losing twice.

Darius thanks for coming out dude, I love when you’re here in Kansas, it always feels like there’s plenty of Marvel at hookups :slight_smile:

You also taught me quite a bit while you were here. Your Iron Man inspired me to learn my assist characters a lot more than I previously had done. I think my Strider is slowly becoming a monster. Also you guys thought my team was gay before… look out now, I have new mains.

Games at my place Sunday before NDP (if it is happening)

No NDP this week (I don’t think), but what is your address?

Yea thats why unfortuantly you have to design a team around her you just cant play who you want that’s why I play Zero,dante Jean instead of task wesker or some other combo. But hey its marvel and shes still my favorite X-Woman.

Someone needs to teach my Marvel, I don’t get that damn game and I suck at using assists to extend combo’s and stuff. i feel like I try to play 3 solo characters and not a team which is clearly an issue. TEACH ME.

And I’m now using Hawkeye, Akuma, Doom OR X-23, Akuma, Doom

Nice work on the thread Nick.

Between sticks right now, will work on climbing the ladder once I get the PCB on my PS3 stick swapped out.

You coming to jspotts?

While I need to try to make it out to one of his hookups I won’t be there tonight. I have happy hour with some people after I get off work so I plan on being busy for a while.

What are you talking about boxy you are on permanent happy hour for life. In fact when are you not drinking

Gg’s last night and good pho. and you missed out on that honeydew bubble tea. so good.

Anything going down tonight?

Hookup my place at 8. Bring setups unless you only wanna play on 1 setup all night

i think that was just based on your performance at FRQ… where Sam and i did obviously much better than you… you’ve obviously fallen way off and probably should just focus on rambo. go get a vhs camcorder to find all the flaws in your baby feet pressure and maybe start trimming your swanson from time to time. ZZZzzzzZzzzzzz

so real talk - does focra have to beat sam first before he comes to beat me or do we just slide his name in at 3rd place? in all honesty i would rank focra 3rd here in the current scene but i wouldnt mind fighting for my spot and i bet sam feels the same way.

Jspot, are you hosting this week?

YES games at my place Thursday Night!! bring sticks setups etc etc.
someone wanna play SF with me?