Kansas City Fighting Game Community Version 2.0: Get in the Robot, Brad


Welcome to the Kansas City Fighting game community’s Shoryuken thread! With the release of SF5, we’re rebooting our thread on SRK, and will be doing a better job of keeping it up to date.

The Kansas City Shoryuken community (or KC SRK for short) encompasses a variety of cities and regions in the greater Kansas City area, including, but not limited to:

Kansas City
Oak Grove
Overland Park
Lee’s Summit
Blue Springs
Whiteman AFB

About Us

First off, we have a website! Check us out on http://www.kcsrk.com/

Many details of our community can be found on the website, but I’ll also elaborate below.

The Kansas City community has its roots in BlazBlue, Tekken, and Street Fighter 4. The community is over 7 years old at this point, and it continues to grow. Kansas City is home to two tournament series. MAXOUT is Kansas City’s longest running monthly tournament series, being established in 2008. It has switched venues multiple times due to the expansion of the community, and is now proud to call Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City as its home.

Kansas City Onslaught is Kansas City’s other tournament series, and is held on a yearly basis by JSpot. As it is held annually instead of monthly, KO generally has a larger venue and roster of games than MAXOUT does.

We have a weekly tournament series for Street Fighter 5, titled “Top in the Shop” that takes place every Thursday night at 7 PM at Alamo Drafthouse and is hosted by Robbie Votaw. This event originated in Oak Grove, but has now moved to downtown Kansas City.

First 2 Burst is a bi-weekly (twice a month) series hosted by myself for anime games (more specifically, Third Strike, Skullgirls, and Guilty Gear). I’m currently working out the logistical details for this event, so stay tuned.

Games We Play
Street Fighter 5
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Guilty Gear Xrd
Mortal Kombat X
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Killer Instinct*
Persona 4 Ultimax Arena

*KI is currently not supported by MAXOUT, but this can change if you’re willing to come out to our meetups and play the game!

King of Fighters 14 and Guilty Gear Revelator are soon to become staple games in the community.

In addition, we play the following games that are not supported by our tournament series, but people will play them with you at our meetups if you ask:
King of Fighters 13
Street Fighter X Tekken
Under Night in Birth

Tournament Information


Held every month at Alamao Drafthouse, MAXOUT is Kansas City’s longest running tournament series. You can learn more about MAXOUT here: http://www.kcsrk.com/

The next MAXOUT is currently scheduled for February 20th. You can learn more about MAXOUT and RVSP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1683915031881400/

Kansas City Onslaught

Or KO for short. The next KO is currently scheduled for March 5th You can RVSP and learn more about this event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1086898004695656/

Weekly Meetups
Every Saturday MoTheHawk hosts Riverside Dojo. This hookup USUALLY happens every week, but it’s a good idea to check the Facebook group to be sure.

Riverside Dojo: Saturdays at 8:00 PM**
Hosts: Mo the Hawk (AJ)
218 Delaware St, Apt 108
Kansas City, MO 64105
Notes: All-purpose fighting game hookup. Play casuals or arrange serious sets or ranbats in anything you can think of. Livestream at http://twitch.tv/kcsrk. Typically preceeded by dinner at Vietnam Cafe on 522 Campbell St. at 6:30. No ending time! Keep your eyes peeled on the main group feed to make sure these are going down.

PARKING AND DIRECTIONS: You can park in front building lot if there’s room, but otherwise park in the reserve lot (big open concrete area past a yellow fence) on the corner of 2nd and Delaware. Don’t bother coming in through the main entrance; it’s locked. I live on the first floor and have a back door; just cut across the parking lot to the other side. I’m the second wood balcony back there.
TOP IN THE SHOP: Thursdays at 7:00pm at Alamo Drafthouse
Top in the Shop is a weekly SF5 tournament series held at Alamo Drafthouse.
Host: Robbie Votaw(most days)
Address: 1400 Main St, Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Notes: Weekly double elim tournament for Street Fighter V eligible for ranking points. I’m always open to add more games that are looking for a weekly home.

Stream is availble over at www.twitch.tv/team_kc

Community Resources

To be as honest and transparent as possible, it is no secret that our community vastly prefers Facebook to SRK threads to stay in touch, plan events, and talk about games. If you have a Facebook account, we suggest joining the following groups, as it’s your best way of staying in touch. That being said, we’re going to be making a better effort to keep this page active.

KC SRK Facebook Page:

The main hub of the Kansas City fighting game community. This is the place to be to keep up to date on the community, weekly meetups, tournaments, fighting game news, and anything else related. The group is closed, but if you apply to join you should be added by an admin relatively quickly.

Oak Grove Fighting Game Community:

A fighting game group comprised of players in the Oak Grove area. This group is where the “Top in the Shop” weeklies we’re born from. Allow both this group and KC SRK are more or less the same group of players, it’s a good idea to join this one to stay in the loop.

KS/MO Skullgirls Alliance:

A group for Skullgirls players in Kansas and Missouri





Kansas City SRK SF5 "Road to EVO"
Players that compete in Top in the Shop and SF5 at MAXOUT are eligible to earn points that may get your hotel room for EVO 2016 paid for! The player with the most points come EVO will have their hotel room AND flight expenses covered. The second place runner up will have their hotel expenses covered. More details can be found at the link below:

Fun tips for new players:

Kansas City SRK is a great group of players with WONDERFUL attitudes and we are always willing to help players level their game up regardless of their skill level. That being said if you want to have a good time here there are a few things you should know.

  1. Calling “next” on a setup. If you want to actually play games when you show up to a hookup, you’re gonna have to do this. We like games A LOT and that means we are going to sit down and play until someone calls next in line. If you don’t say anything, you’re just going to be a spectator all night. Remember that if you don’t “call next” people will assume you don’t want to play! So call next!

  2. Noise levels. Hookups in our community are often hosted either in somebody’s house or apartment, meaning there are neighbors that will call the cops if we get too noisy. Be respectful to the people offering their homes as a hub to play games and their neighbors by keeping the noise levels in check.

  3. If you’re BRAND NEW to fighting game tournaments and have questions about how a fighting game tournament is ran, what you need to bring, etc, this is a great place to start: http://www.kcsrk.com/rules/

Remember, as the legendary Robbie V once said: “The worst thing you can do when it comes to fighting games is not pick up a controller.” With that in mind, if you want to start learning fighting games, come out and play! Our community is super nice, and we promise you’ll have a good time and learn a lot.



hi guys

hi guys I play El Fuerte im new here i made an account just for this shit so it better be good and helpful - kyle

nice avatar you turbo nerd

I’m just here for the memes

Another stellar Capcom fighting game launch!

Yo…so how about that MAXOUT turnout guys?

Absolutely fantastic job keeping the active guys.

Looking forward to KO, because I don’t have to help run it.

Posting for the new players who aren’t in the know yet: huge tournament this Saturday!

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1086898004695656/


I was told people actually post here…

lol u thought

Next MAXOUT is on for April 9th: https://www.facebook.com/events/1709248419344697/


wow, what a great banner! Whoever made that must be pretty talented!

Realized I should probably plug First 2 Burst in here just in case anyone wanders in. First 2 Burst is THIS Friday, and features Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike! Hope to see you there!

Next Maxout is happening two weeks from now. Featuring our first Killer Instinct tournament.




Is this still a thing?

Still a thing. Next one should be announced after Evo. In the meantime, weeklies are happening almost every Thursday at Alamo, the BEST BALROG tournament is happening on the 28th, and Kansas City Onslaught will be happening on August 20th. Join the KC SRK Facebook group for more info.

im flying into Kansas city from Arizona tomorrow, so I wont be able to make it to top in the shop. im ultimate marvel 3 is my main game so I have the most practice in that, and that’s the game that’s most in my comfort zone. is there anything going on in the next week for some mahvel? no tourneys specifically, just playing some casuals?