Kansas City - Final Round 14 Midwest Qualifier - Dec. 18, 2010 SSF4, T6, BB:CS, MB:AA


Final Round XIV Midwest Qualifier

December 18, 2010
Collector’s Cache
13354 College Boulevard, Lenexa, KS 66210
Tel: (913) 338-2273
Registration Begins At: 10:00 AM
Tournaments Begin At: 12:00 Noon

Super Street Fighter 4 - PS3
Tekken 6 - PS3
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - PS3
Melty Blood: Actress Again - PS2

Special Side Event:
Street Fighter II’ Turbo Hyper Fighting - Arcade

More details here:
FinalRound.org - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast!

Please pre-register here or in the thread under the “Discuss” link. GET HYPE!

You know we’re in there.

Should be at least 15-20 from KC in attendance for this.

Important detail from the website:

128 or more players in bracket:
Winner receives free badge, entry in same game, first round bye, + AIRFARE to Final Round XIV

Although to be fair, if you win a 128-man SSF4 tournament; travel arrangements shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, personally I don’t mind throwing down quarters for the HF tournament, but why won’t the owner allow the cabinet to be set to free play during that time? I can see some players griping about it out of “priniciple”.

There is no free play on that board, but we might be able to throw a whole bunch of credits in there. I just thought it would be more true to the old school style to line up some quarters :slight_smile: I’ll see what we can do there.

count me in


I’m in.

I’m totally down for this. BRING IT BITCHES!

Bleh, 10am? Topeka will be there.

I’m in there. LET’S GO

Andrew Rexroat/Rex0r/St. Louis Missouri
Super, ST, BB

What are the odds of getting some ST along with that HF?

I don’t have an ST board - if someone would be interested in bringing one, then perhaps we could talk :slight_smile:

EDIT: I should clarify - there are two HF machines onsite, and AFAIK, those machines aren’t CPS2, so we couldn’t just switch the boards out. So if someone wanted ST, it would need to be on the side, and there would need to be a Supergun involved. Or we would have to play a console version.

Registration from 10-12, so if you guys can’t get there until closer to 12, that is fine. I wouldn’t wait TOO long though :slight_smile:

I’m there, ohhhhhhh fuck yeah!

Torrey R/DrunkNinja


Anyone that is interested in receiving free entry for bringing a setup, please contact me via PM on the Final Round website at http://www.finalround.org/forums. I would like to get a fairly accurate count in advance if possible. And please remember, this is first come, first served - once we reach the limit of setups needed, that’s it! Thanks!

Ah understandable. How about HDR then on the side?

Perhaps. My concern is with the time issue - I can’t have any “unofficial” tournaments interfering with the progression of the “official” tournaments, as we can’t stay at the store all night, unfortunately. I wouldn’t be opposed to adding HDR as a tournament if one of the other games finishes early, though. We can discuss through PM.

Im there lets go!

gonna do my best to make it back to this kc tourney… you guys know how to throw a tourney. nothing better than whiskey and coffee to start a long day of sf4. :rock: