Kansas City Gaming: Hype for No Reason

How late do the Friday hookups usually go?

B1argh - Keep playing SF!

Ill host tonight if I get out if work on time around 9-10

I do. drunkninja42 on Live. Also, go into Arcade mode and turn on fight request, you’ll get a LOT more people then.

Is there a friday hookup at john/chris’?

Ant is hosting at his place later. Check the Facebook group page.

I’m not going to lie, saying “your kind” and putting teaching in quotes, is highly offensive. I have had 1 on 1 sessions teaching people Tekken and Street Fighter on many occasions, and I like to think I’ve had good results. I won’t name my students openly, but I have spent hours researching for other people just to give them a starting point since I know it can be overwhelming right out the gate. I understand that people have a negative vision of my sportsmanship because of my bad attitude, but I’m not one of the top players around here for no reason. I know what I’m doing, and I know how to explain things. The only thing I expect from someone who is asking questions, or who says something like “will you help me with x” or “show me how to do y” is that they will practice in earnest. I would do the same when I ask my betters questions as well.

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about Julias 50/50’s and how to set them up, but I would be happy to help you figure it out. Just had to get it out in the open that I’m a tyrant in competition, not at the chalkboard.

Games are on tonight, show up around 7ish.

Games at my place 9:30 for anyone who does not want to drive out there or feels the need to get loud. Wanting to play Marvel mostly. Going to try not and get to faded. Hit me up if you are interested.

Also, sign me up for Budd Park

SS thread is up.

It wasn’t my intent to be offensive. I was simply referencing the oft-stated idea of beating people over and over in the hopes of teaching them. Which is why I used “teaching” in quotes as that isn’t what I would neccessarily call teaching. In a game I am more familiar with it might be an effective method but for Tekken with me? Likely not. Based on previous posts of yours, that seemed like a likely method you would employ. My apologies once again if I was in error.

Either way. I will sadly not be up to it tonight. Last week was a wedding. this week? My car won’t start and I have to be driven around by my parents. As I get free time over the upcoming week I will see what I can learn on Tekken Zaibatsu. I did learn that 4+forward if it connects will lead to a 50/50 at least.

I really think that when first starting off in Tekken, it’s best to just play it and get a good feel for your movelist. If you can play against other lower level players it will be less frustrating. Look up your characters top 10 moves on Zaibatsu. Get a feel for how mixup works in this game (high/low, mid, throw, tracking vs linear, etc). Eventually you will move on to harder concepts, advanced movement, and such.

I was pretty well hooked on the game when I learned my first real legit juggle in Tekken 5, but I’ve been messing around with the game since Tekken 2.

Should I bother bringing my Xbox set up to smakula/axiom’s hookup?

7:10, no one to be seen at johns, now this feels like old times. I want to play some Tekken now!!!

I won’t be there tonight but starting next week when I get my stuff in the mail, I will start coming weekly with a full setup.

Hey guys! We will be doing Springfield tourney the 16th! No worries about the pre-tregistration! PM me if you have questions!

If there is a game you wish to see, PM as well!!!

Man, I’m ready for some face to face battles. I wish I could have stayed on Wed but I had to get up way early on Thurs. I have been hacking it on XBLA too long. It’s sad though, it’s like back in the day I used to play for 4 hours+ on 1 quarter. Now on XBLA I’m lucky to win more than 50% of my AE bouts. I think I’m at 53.5 percent right now. Pretty sad. I feel like I’m close to a break through though. I am so bad at combos though. I have no timing and back in the day… that was not needed for sure. Ibuki, Rufus, El Ferte, Dhalsim are all tough matches in AE for Guile for sure. T. Hawk and Zangief are much tougher now too. I’m like 93% win rate against Yun though. It’s funny, I must be playing against everyone trying to learn him.

Ok, guys.For the Springfield event; registration is at 12:00 Sat 16th! at 1:00pm CST, we will be starting the games! The price will stay the same!

I was planning on trying to hit up both hookups, but I ended up staying at the Smaxiom later than expected. A little too much unwarranted drama and trolling, but ggs nonetheless. I was happy to play downstairs, felt like old times.

Also, John’s neighbor is definitely an upgrade over the old one. Maybe if she’s available I can clean up the look a little bit and take her out with Boxy’s money. :tup:

Look at Drew; on the prowl lol.

Does anyone have an idea when the next MaxOut will be?

Good chance I’ll be hosting again tonight. Anyone interested?

Fellas, great hookup, great times.

Lots of Tekken, and that’s always fun. I think we had like 7 people playing Tekken. Too good. That is what I’m talking about.

Samson, glad you made it out. Great games, and lots of good information. Our FT5 was pretty sick. Feels like what used to happen between Kong and I back in the day, super tight. For those wondering, Samson took it 5-4. You make me want to quit Marvel.

Drew, I guess I just don’t understand. I know why people hate the way you play. God knows I have bitched at you for the desperation tactics and loud mashing. But it seems to work just fine for you.

Oh, I’m going to put Boxy on blast right now… because all that bitching last night was hilarious. Boxy says “Drew sucks, he is trash, I will beat his ass, I want a FT5 right now” blah blah blah… Drew proceeds to peace this man out 5-0 (10 rounds to none, btw)

Oh yeah, we got a HYPE MATCH at Maxout… Boxy vs Chachi FT10 in SF. I don’t know what the monetary stipulations will be, but I’m certainly intrigued at how Sean will adapt after a beating like that. Let’s GO.

Le, in case you didn’t get the voice mail and the text I sent you, you jacked my game. I was pretty mad about it too, considering this is the second time in two get togethers you’ve taken my game with you. I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but still.

I’m looking at doing MAXOUT on the 23rd. So plan for that for now. If things change, I’ll let everyone know.

Good times last night. Was nice to have a good amount of T6 going on.

@Ant: I might be down for dropping by, but it’d be around midnight b/c of work.

Nothing wrong with pushing buttons a little harder than normal. Just something that happens in the heat of battle. If you guys played on stick, your button presses would be loud once in awhile too. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar or has no passion for the game.