Kansas City Gaming: Hype for No Reason


Pretty sure that was Rob.


Thank you.


Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Lei, Nina
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi

Likes (+1): Jin, Eddy
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Christie, Steve, Lars
Hates (-2): Anna, Ogre

Well deron, if you use steve and nina, steve will get netsu/rage when nina gets hurt at 100 damage but nina won’t rage till steve gets hurt at 123 damage. So it’s a hit and miss but still a team worth checking out.
There is no way I’m playing that queer eddy though…even christie hates him :rofl:
Nina and panda are neutral so both take 113 damage to netsu/rage…but I’ll still play them.


When are you gonna send me that write up? Been messing with the whole cast to see if i can find a nitch somewhere. I still like Lee but i still wanna learn nina.


I just got Mortal Kombat over the holidays. Better late to the party than never. I’m going to see if I can pick this up.


Sorry, I totally forgot about that. I’m going thru nina now so you can check your pm’s later tonyte.:tup:


New Year’s bash was amazing. Too much shit to list here, shoutouts to everyone that made it out.

Looking to set up a new thread to accompany the new year, if I get the okay from everyone else I’ll set it up after I wake up from my coma.


Yo hookup at my place at 8. Bring setups


Updated the first post with names and gamertag type stuff as well as jspots thursdays. If anyone objects to their real name being posted just let me know and I’ll replace it with your SRK name.


Need some suggestions for new SRK thread titles.


yo smakula when TTT2 comes out you need to play hwaorang and bryan…holy crap they got team synergy.[media=youtube]ygYEcchhkpw[/media]


They are taking out that unblockable with kbob. Atleast last time i read Zaibatsu it was said they are gonna patch it. That setup has been known for awhile now and Bryan isnt the only char who can abuse it. Btw good look on the write up. Havent went too much in depth with it yet because of the pass weekend. But on my next offday ill get back to you.


I don’t know why they would take it out, there is nothing broke about it but whatever as long as nina is left alone lol


Yeah there really isn’t anything broken about that unblockable setup, do people not remember some of the shit from 5.0 or DR days? You get hit once, you learn not to tech.


I liked tekken 4. Jin laser scraper just frame all day baby.


Tekken 4? o_O Never heard of it. When did it come out?


That would have been the greatest thing ever ever if you posted it in the right thread.


ya’ll fucking suck tbh


pour one out guys


RIP gazelles