Kansas City SRK: The Cruel Thesis of Violent Gilgamesh

After a long hiatus (on this site at least) our thread is back! Welcome to Kansas City, home of great beer, great barbeque, and great players with even better attitudes!

KC SRK is a very active community that hasn’t had an active thread on this site for awhile, partially because our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/KcSrk/) servers as a much more active hub for organizing hookups and tournaments, and partially because the SRK redesign sucks ass and nobody wants to bother to use it anymore. Nevertheless we are an active community with meetups two to four times a week, and a long running monthly tournament series, Maxout.

Despite the title of “Kansas City” this community encompasses a lot of different players from different cities in Kansas and Missouri, including, but not limited too:
Kansas City
Overland Park
Lee’s Summit
Blue Springs
Whiteman AFB

To become a part of the Facebook group simply send a friend request to anyone in the group and they can add you. That’s where most of the announcements are but we’ll be making a better effort to keep this thread up to date as well.

Games We Play:
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
King of Fighters 13
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Persona 4 Arena
Guilty Gear

Forbidden games

These games have been sealed away by dark sorcery for eons, never to be spoke of by mere mortals that tremble in might at their awesome powers. However, rumors say if if the full moon shines brightly and the air is ripe with the winds of dark majik, someone may take part in the dark arts and play these games with you:
Chaos Code
Virtua Fighter
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Hookups and venues:

Kansas City currently has a weekly hookup every Saturday. This information is current for the time being, but may be subject to change in the future. Keep an eye on this thread and the Facebook group to stay in the know with what’s going on in local fighting games!

You’ll hear the term “setup” referred to quite a bit here. Basically, it refers to a console (PS3 or 360, sometimes PC), power strip, and lag free monitor (e.g. ASUS Monitor or PS3 3D TV). Its highly encouraged to bring these to hookups, with the exception of LocalHost where its provided (you can still bring your own stuff if you’d like though!) Also remember it is highly encouraged to bring a controller: whether its a pad or an arcade stick.

Also please note that why hookups are usually weekly, sometimes they will be cancelled or changed. ALWAYS check this thread and the Facebook page to make sure the hookup is on for that night.

Riverside Dojo hosted by MoTheHawk
Delaware Lofts - 218 Delaware St, Apt 108, Kansas City, MO 64105
8 pm to whenever


MoTheHawk hosts a weekly meetup where a large variety of games are played and streamed, usually ending with a nightly round of Cards Against Humanity. Fun atmosphere, plenty of space, and is usually right after a weekly food hookup at the amazing Vietnam Cafe located at (522 Cambell St). Come out to play a wide variety of game’s and contribute to our growing streaming presence.

Currently on a week by week basis. Check the Facebook group to see if anything is happening Friday nights.



Kansas City’s long running monthly tournament series held at Next Door Pizza and Pub in Lee’s Summit Missouri, organized and ran by AxioM and Radian. Awesome venue with delicious pizza and beer, so whether you are celebrating your victories or drowning your sorrows over your losses there is something for everyone. Also this should go without saying, but don’t be the guy that either A). Buys a pizza and doesn’t pay for it or B). brings in outside food or drink into the venue (its a venue that serves food and drink seriously don’t be a fucking child). We have something around here called the “Shadow Realm” I’m sure you’ll become familiar with, and doing either of those things is sure to land you there. That’s not good!

There is a $10 venue fee for this tournament that will be waived if you provide a full setup (console with approved lag free monitor).

Check this thread and the Facebook group for when Maxout will be, it happens every month but the dates change every month as well.

Address of Next Door Pizza and MAXOUT:
3385 SW Fascination Drive, Lees Summit, Missouri 64081

KC SRK Social Media and Streaming Information

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KcSrk/

Kansas City is becoming very active in the streaming world, be sure to check us out at the following links:

KC SRK TwitchTV Page

Tournaments and hookups are streamed from here!

KC SRK YouTube Page
Archives of tournaments and hype matches are uploladed here!

KC SRK Twitter Page:

Follow this page to know when KC SRK starts streaming and when upcoming events are!

KC SRK Media Admin:
The man behind the curtain, contact MoTheHawk if you have any questions about KC SRK streams or media.

Fun tips for new players:
Kansas City SRK is a great group of players with WONDERFUL attitudes and we are always willing to help players level their game up regardless of their skill level. That being said if you want to have a good time here there are a few things you should know.

  1. Calling “next” on a setup. If you want to actually play games when you show up to a hookup, you’re gonna have to do this. We like games A LOT and that means we are going to sit down and play until someone calls next in line. If you don’t say anything, you’re just going to be a spectator all night. Remember that if you don’t “call next” people will assume you don’t want to play! So call next!

  2. Noise levels. Hookups in our community are often hosted either in somebody’s house or apartment, meaning there are neighbors that will call the cops if we get too noisy. Be respectful to the people offering their homes as a hub to play games and their neighbors by keeping the noise levels in check.

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Whenever we’re able to stream tournaments or weeklies, you can find us here: http://www.twitch.tv/kcsrk

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