Kansas City SRK: The Cruel Thesis of Violent Gilgamesh


Cool. If nothing wrong happens. I’ll have a pretty good chance at making Maxout & I might make in time for Street Fighter


I love popping up and still see that people find out about us through here.


Good games at Maxout. The scene is awesome


Hey everyone, I joined the facebook group too, figured I’d leave a post here as well. Moved to KC from Indiana about a year ago, and I’m finally reaching out to start playing some fighting games again. I’ve mostly played Marvel, and I’m starting to get into Street Fighter. I’ll try to make it out to the next Saturday and hopefully start checking out these monthly’s ya’ll are doing. I’m not all that good but I love me some FGC people and events.


Next Maxout is in less than 2 weeks! RSVP on Facebook:


Welcome - looking forward to meeting you!


Next Maxout is in two weeks. We’re expanding Project M support and officially adding 3rd Strike to the roster!


Next Maxout will be on October 3rd. Couple of important changes to the roster:

  • Smash Bros. Melee is now a permanent addition
  • Both Smash titles will now have their own livestream
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be on hiatus for this month
  • Skullgirls has a $100 pot bonus courtesy of 1UP Tournaments!



Next Maxout in 2 weeks!


Next MAXOUT is set for December 5th. MKX and P4U2 are both back from hiatus.

Note: this will be the last event before we switch to PS4 for running USF4 (no more 360s will be required at all)



Next Maxout in 2 weeks! Remember: PS4 is now the primary platform for USF4 and Skullgirls. Plan accordingly.

Also we’re locked into February 20th for our next event - our first SF5 tournament including a 3v3 team tournament! You won’t want to miss.




Anyone still play TTT2 or any Tekken games?


First Street Fighter V event. $150 pot bonus and 3v3 team tournament. Unquestionably the biggest Maxout yet. Get in there.



I’ll be there.


man we should probably make a new one of these or whatever pretty soon huh




I really did forget how godawful this new site layout is…


Is there still a Tekken community in KC? I checked Tekken Zaibatsu but there isn’t even a thread for KC any more.


Summoning @AxioM


lol whoops