Kansas City SRK: The Cruel Thesis of Violent Gilgamesh

Someone else around here likes Virtua Fighter?!


…are we safe from the stupidity of the FB group here? >_>

You just posted so no.

TOP TIER TUESDAYS WILL NOW HAVE A STREET FIGHTER RANBAT. Everyone get hype hype hype and get read to tech throws and anti air don’t be a nerd don’t be a scrub


Gee whiz guys this sure is a cool thread

I’ll be at TTT for some last minute KoF grinding. KoF heads show up por favor.

IDK it seems like “SF” will be taking our poverty room. No room for the bad games now

To be honest, Malcolm. That last attack of mine in our tourney match was meant to catch anything I could try to react too…

I like VF… lol but with KCSRK’s new focus on AE I’m going to find a way to grind out Makoto while I’m gone. Taking a laptop and my Qanba Q4 and seeing what happens.

Let’s be honest, our focus is KOF 13. Our KOF is our strongest scene by far and they put in the most work. The SF players just need to catch up to that level of dedication cause we’ve been slacking.

Results Thread up:Maxout 5/18/13 Results

There are four or five dudes who will play vf if you ask. Myself included.

Fullbleed’s statement is 100% accurate. Not to talk down on any group, but there is no doubt in KC that the KOF group is the most dedicated overall in all aspects (time, travel, commitment, expanding pool knowledge, enjoyment of the game). Me personally, I gravitate towards these types of groups. If -->more<-- people truly put in the same effort and progressed (I’m not expecting unrealistic leaps and bounds) in almost any game I’d join them. SF4 was staginent in terms of the same people placing, so KOF instantly drew my attention away because a wider range of like minded competition was available. Everyone competes for different reasons, but this is mine. The stronger EVERYONE is the more enjoyable it is to me.

I’m 100% confident that the events at Maxout and the upcoming 2013 balance update will be what our SF community needs to get back in shape, which I’m excited for because SF4 is my favorite fighting game and the one game I consider my “main” although I wish I could back that up with tournament results.

I’m gonna be playing four games though, SF4, SFxT, Skullgirls, and Marvel. I really don’t know how much longer I’m going to be seriously going to be putting time into Marvel though. Beyond playing my team there’s not really much about that game I like too much, and I really don’t have any sort of passion for it, which is completely necessary to be successful in that sort of game.

I settled on KoF because I’m a SNK fanboy. Lots of skilled KoF players here that have already taught me a lot. Sadly I won’t be able to play it for a while (unless it comes to Steam while I’m gone). So I’ll be grinding on AE in what little personal time I will have.

Hello all, I’m from Jefferson City, MO. I was curious if I could be accepted into this group, as I just now found this thread, lol.

Absolutely! I’m also really happy you posted here because it justifies me posting this thread in the first place (to get new people to come out). Everything you should need to know is in the OP but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

The first thing you should do is add one of us on Facebook so we can let you into our Facebook group. You can add me if you like, my name on there is Chris Cunningham.