Kanye Needs Monye


ITT: Discuss ways that Kanye West can make $1 billion.

Man that divorce will make kanye even worse than dirt poor

Oh that ferrari and yacht? Those are gone

I guess she was messin’ with a broke nigga after all.

Not sure if this is true, but still it boggles my mind how wealthy people can end up in debt. I always tell myself that if I ever become rich, I won’t spend frivolously. I’ll just continue to live as I do now.

Well i mean mc hammer was broke

But rich people broke is different from normal people broke

He probably still has 40 mil in the account

Kanye should have gone the puff daddy way and become a producer scalping money from his contracted talent

How the fuck is master p still rich?

No pity.

Karma for naming his kid after a fucking Intercardinal Direction on a compass.

It boggles my mind how people still say stuff like this.

PR for new album :sleep:

Why? Can’t comprehend that there are people with self control? Not everybody would go stupid on spending sprees getting shit they’ll never use and riding around throwing bills out the window.

Spending frivolously and upgrading your life are two different things.

Having a massive boost in your financial situation doesn’t mean you have to live like you are currently. The entire point of getting to the point of having massive wealth is to improve your living situation.

If you’re sitting on tens of millions of dollars and don’t upgrade your situation, you’re an idiot.

So tired of people talking out of the butt when topics like this come up. As if it’s some honorable thing to live way below your means.

Smart people will indulge a little bit, but save up the rest and invest what they’re comfy with so that money can last a damn good while.
Most of the ones with these crazy sob stories are those who… well, don’t. So someone saying they won’t spend frivolously are probably not talking out of the ass.

But then again, having a shit ton of money can change friends into enemies in a heartbeat as well…

As for this topic…


This post got it covered. B)

Kanye better strap up. Airing a personal weakness in public? Yeah, Kim gonna lioness that shit.


Lol @ Kanye. Fucking moron.

If Kanye needs money that bad he can always start a side business.



LOL you guys seriously falling for this his new album is about to drop, now all of a sudden, beef with wiz and now $53mil in debt. g8 b8 m8

Regardless, the guy is a boil on the ass of humanity that needs to be lanced.

Kanye is probably in debt for his fashion shit he’s doing. His clothes do not sell at all. But his shoes on the other hand do

Would you guys buy this for 500 dollars when you can just trade your clothes with a homeless person for free


…Huh? Kanye designed those things? Well, maybe not him solely, but…

I’ll be honest, thought that was a pic of a bunch of Jedi cosplayers.

some of his stuff is like Jedi’s shit and some of it legit looks like a homeless persons clothing

heres more