KaPH33n's got a new hobby sale! FREE NET DIMM?


PRICES DROPPED! Last week before I take the remainders to eBay! Last chance to get into the drawing! NET DIMM WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED END OF WEEK!

Everything is priced including shipping within lower 48 US. Paypal gift or +4% for fees, please! If you are international we can work out something but prices will shift to reflect intl postage. If you buy multiple things I will compensate you for combined shipping. If you buy a LOT of things, I will give you a serious discount for volume purchasing. Don’t like my prices? Reasonable offers will be considered.


NON-WORKING DIMM and GD-ROM (I tested them and they power up but wouldn’t load, not sure what issues are present, possibly could fix) $30
Virtua Tennis Cart x2 $25 [1 SOLD]
World Series Baseball GD x2 $9
Virtua Golf GD $9
Chaos Field GD $85
Sega 1L5B Sanwa Harness x3 $20
Sega 1L3B Sanwa Harness x2 $15 [1 SOLD]
Sega 2P extra buttons harness x3 $15 [1 HOLD]
Sega 1P extra buttons harness x3 $10
Astro City stereo speaker harness $15
NOS CPS2 Kick harness $13
MVC3 Poster from JP (never used, kept rolled) $25

The panels mostly come populated and harnessed, some exceptions. See pictures to see exactly what you get.
Generic mahjongg panel x3 $40 [1 SOLD]
Virtua Fighter 3 1L4B set (2 panels populated, very nice condition) $100
Guilty Gear XX #reload 1L5B set (2 panels populated, rare, like new condition) $240
New Versus City 1L6B $60


Naomi 2 $140 [SOLD]
Standard DIMM $64 [SOLD]
bare GD-ROM $55 [SOLD]
Sega IO $55 [SOLD]
Naomi Feet $9 [SOLD]
Naomi mobo + cvs cart $110 [SOLD]
Sega CP Hinge x2 $20 [2 SOLD]
Astro City repro sideart x3 $50 [SOLD]
Happ Light Gun $25 [SOLD]
Used CPS2 Kick harness x2 $8 [SOLD]
Neo-Geo 1 Slot Mobo with RCA stereo audio cable $90 [SOLD]
Tekken Tag Tournament PCB w/ CPS2 kick harness converter $75 [SOLD]
cheap candy cab locks keyed same $3 each plus $6 shipping [SOLD]
Astro City mahjongg panel x2 $50 [2 SOLD]
Astro City 2L8B panel $110 [SOLD]
Versus City 1L6B $70 [SOLD]
Astro City Seimitsu 2L6B $45 [SOLD]
Astro City Control Panel Upper and Bottom $150 [SOLD]

Picasa album of all items for sale
I can take additional pics or closeups/angles if necessary for serious buyers. I will be grouping purchases and doing bulk shipments every Saturday.


I’m going to offer a FREE working naomi net dimm with zero key to some lucky forum member (here or another forum). The only catch is that the dimm case is missing the battery cover (doesn’t affect functionality in any way).

Here’s how it works… For every $50 you spend (in one purchase) you will receive one entry to the drawing. If you’ve already purchased something from this thread, don’t worry I’ve retroactively inserted you. At the end of the hobby sale I will use an internet random number picker to select the winner. I will even pay for the postage.


BUMP! prices dropped and added free net dimm!


BUMP! I’ve updated the thread with everything that has sold.


bump, all that has sold is updated. last week of hobby sale. last week of net dimm drawing entries.

hobby sale part 2 will have a different prize!


Sale Over! Remainders will be kept or ebayed I guess. The Net Dimm winner has been selected! I think it’s more fun to leave it a surprise though. I will say the winner is someone from the neo-geo forums!