Kara 720

some stupid freind told me u could i dont agree any imput

I saw on some vid my friend showed me, someone doing a tachi gigas and claiming it was a kara 720, I didn’t notice any added range whatsoever. As most of you guys know st.MK is Hugo’s move to kara throw from, but I don’t think its possible to kara 720 from this because you wouldn’t be able to activate 720 after pressing MK, or 720 during (since 360 with K gives you the meat squasher).

I could be wrong now but i’m sure it is possible to kara hugos 720. I myself cant do it but im sure that ive seen it be done and mentioned by others.

Well, there was a thread that had this mentioned within, at the time I think there were some peeps who said it could be done. SlimX would be the guy to ask here.

CRoyd did that in his misc shit #1 vid. So yes, it CAN be kara’ed.

told you it could be kara’d have my 5 bucks when we see each other next

CRoyd, thats the vid that I saw it on, but I can’t see how thats a kara 720? I can grab someone from the same distance with a normal tachi gigas.

I can see it being possible with a programmable controller. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know C-Royd could do shit like that. Guess I should probably bump up the fear level if I ever play him again.

That 720 in my video is Kara’d.
Dont ask me how I did it.
I spin the stick really fast.
And then I push mk and lp at the same time.
There is added range. Look for yourself.

Dont ask me why the running grab doesnt come out. It just doesnt. Wish I knew. I dont study the frames and stuff. I just play the game. You guys can do it too…if you believe.

oh yeah just FYI, it’s C-Royd not CRoyd or C Royd. My account name says C Royd because i lost my C-Royd account.

“You guys can do it too…if you believe.”

I love this part about this guy. :wink:

IN japan the kara walk up 720s. . . Heinous

Yeah its possible. The way i hear its done is to almost 360(start at forward then when you get to up and forward) When you get right before the full 360 tap MK then whip around once more taping Punch its not hard on small range of motion sticks(go go hori)

here’s how i did the standing 720. Take a rubber band an wrap it around the base of the directional stick. That makes the maximum circular range of the stick smaller. Talk to Royce about the satnding 720. He’s a master.

And when I say Royce, I mean 720

you can do it…if you believe.

heres a vid of nice 720 people might be interested in…

well I cant see how it can be done… if u hit kick the meatsquasher comes out no matter what… the gigas already has more reach than a standard 360 so u peeps might be mistaken it for being kara… plus it also carries the ol school sf2 series properties… if the characters hit box is wider gief can grab u from farther distance… play super turbo and do gief vs rog lol i swear rog can be grabbed from almost halfscreen!!! :wow:

how do you kara 720? only the wrist moving or the whole arm just like alex’s taunt…is there a particular technique its very tiring to do this

Where is the C-Royd vid?

Maybe this is the one: [media=youtube]ZOPoP6BSGdw&search=tachi%20gigas[/media]

It’s that one. Just it get off combovideos.com.

How exactly is the “Kara Gigas” performed?