Kara attacks and option select with fei-long



if there are any grabs or attacks that can be used with kara. and on optin select i understand the crouch tech . im just looking for knowledge with some good explaination and detail , to improve


oo yea and are there any moves you prefer to p-link and double tap


All of this could be found in the sticky, but I’ll re-state it for you anyways, since you were probably hoping for a quick answer.

I do not believe Fei has any attacks you can “Kara”. (don’t quote me on that).

Option selects that I personally use are:

Untechable knockdown --> Safe Jump in OS Flame kick / Chicken wing, etc… depending on character/situation
Untechable knockdown --> c.lk OS rekka for backdashers

As for Plinking and double tapping…

Fierce CW --> (plink) hp --> medium flame kick
Tenshin --> (plink) hp --> fierce flame kick (not necessary, just a habit)

Double tapping:

I double tap all special moves. IE rekkas, flame kicks, CW etc…


You can Kara throw off of FK I believe or f.Fk. But its pretty much useless.


i was going through the fei-long Q and A but after 20 pages i gave up since there were 46 more to go lol


Don’t read the Q&A, post your questions there.


i was thinking maybe somebody already asked my same question