Kara C&DB

How to?

AFAIK, you can’t without a parry.
Obviously, it’s possible, if you don’t care about additional range, like any other kara move in the game.

So range doesn’t increase? Not even with mp/b+mp?

That’s not what i wrote, but now i read it again, i can understand that what i said was only clear in my head lol
You can’t kara with punch or you’ll end with claps instead of C&DB.
So, if you still want to, you have to kara with whatever kick, meaning zero range gain.
f.df.d.db.xK.f + release or hit another K
Really hard and totally useless IMO.

Ah, of course. I didn’t remember that it overlaps with claps if you try to do it with a punch. Bummer. Never mind then.

I guess you’re referring to this. You see that he whiffs a B+MP so I guess that’s the biggest clue. When they slow it down, you can barely see the step forward in the B+MP. So, is the idea that you use a parry to delay the normal coming out so that you have more time to finish the HCB?

What about kara’ing with crouching normals? Could you cheat the HCB by doing F parry, D+MP, DB, B+RH?

Not able to test atm and I’m trash anyway so don’t listen to me, but I thought the idea might help. That it’s possible at all is pretty interesting, even if it’s something only god-king of the spooky robot TM can do.

It’s more than just giving more time to finish c&db, it’s actually making c&db kara-able by MP/b+MP without worrying about claps at all.

(parry), mp, hcb, k (right when mp start)
Pretty tight but definitely practicable, specially with negative edge.

“F parry, D+MP, DB, B+RH” won’t work cause:

  • DF is missing
  • d+mp, db, b+hk is not a kara

What about this ? Maybe I’m seeing it wrong but it looks like it’s reaching longer than normal. And he’s not parrying.

I haven’t gone frame by frame, but I know you can Kara C&DB with cr.Strong. So… either TM is going :db::d::df: (N)- Strong~:f:+K, which I don’t doubt he could do… Or, he’s using the crouching kara, which is leagues easier. It’s almost the same as Yun’s Kara Zenpou, except this gives decent range.

EDIT: Ok, just went frame by frame… Can’t see the move he used to kara… damn Youtube fps, so I’ll just try and replicate that scenario with Ryu quick rolling to see whether or not a cr.Strong~RH C&DB after a small step forward will reach…

EDIT #2: I walked the same distance as TM did before the grab… And even Kara (cr.Strong) SHORT C&DB will reach.

Anyways, I think that answers what he did. God, TM is amazing. :pray:

Just checked the video, and telesniper pretty much answered the question, but the announcer confirms that it’s cr.MP to kara.

I was wrong in my first answers here (saying it’s impossible without parry) cause i have the bad habit to only test with single frame inputs.
Kara c&db with either mp or cr.mp (but not b.mp) will work as long as you hold the mp while inputting final K.
If you don’t hold it, then you’ll only get cr.mp (or maybe claps, don’t remember)…
So: :f:, :df:, :d:, :db: + :mp: (hold), :b: + K

Edit: maybe this also does work? :f:, :df:, :d:, :db: + :mp: (hold), K, would be pretty easy actually…

I can’t get that to come out, but I have with :b: + K. It took several attempts as I kept completing the motion instead of going straight to neutral…

telesniper, you are so sugoi.

I’ve had limited success with F, D, B+MP~HK.

The short cut input for C&DB is :df: :d: :db: :b: So you can either return the stick to neutral after :db: , then hit Strong~b.K, or you can go :db: + Strong~b.K. Those seem to be the only way to kara without parrying before it.

No parries are necessary. F, D, B+[attack] is a standard 3S command grab technique for implementing option parries at the same time. No diagonals are required, you just need to be fast as fuck. Works for Hugo, the twins, etc. The other advantage of the diagonal-less method is that it makes it impossible for non-grab specials to come out. Doing F, D, B+MP with Q will never produce Slaps, plus it also grants the colossal kara range of B.MP if done successfully (his biggest kara). Problem is that it’s hard, haha. In my opinion, your option has slightly less kara range but much more reliability, that’s the trade-off worth thinking about.

I would like to get @ESN 's input on this then, but for the moment. That works with Hugo in every possible way, d-b-f-u etc. But it doesn’t work with Q or Makoto (Ibuki?), they have semi unique “short cuts” with the ability to skip the towards input. Their short cut inputs are like Ryu’s Joudan kick, but in reverse.

Unless I’m accidentally brushing the occasional diagonal, it’s possible with Q but you just have to be extremely fast. It feels like I’m being accurate but if ESN’s frame-by-frame jiggery-pokery says otherwise I’ll stand corrected.

I remember testing this shortcut and found it only works with half of the cast which use hcb/hcf motions. Q is not in, twins are. Can’t remember for the others.
I can’t find the post and doesn’t even remember which thread it was :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: found it, The System Mechanics Thread

Well that’s that then, consider me schooled!