Kara canceling c.hk into karakusa

I made another thread about charged hayates which I later added something about kara-canceled c.hk into fukiage to. Long story short: “it moves you forward a bit…”

I also said that I don’t think it works with karakusa cus I didn’t get it to visibly move forward. Well, I got it to work! I don’t know why I tried again, but since it works now I guess my input has improved a bit over time. It’s still not exactly easy to do, but if you give it a few tries and press the buttons fast enough you’ll see Makoto jump forward a bit. Is it practical? I think it can!

See here. Stand right next to a shoto and dash back, a regular hk karakusa will miss. Most Makoto players won’t need to test this to tell you that a backwards dash will put you out of range, but here comes kara-karakusa… no not the one we all know and love using the crazy s.lk, but the a ‘new’ one. c.hk kara cancel… boom, grab from dashback range.

Tips on input: :r: :df: :d: :db: :hk: :l: :hk:
double tap the hk like you would would a link in cvs2… or a reversal hp dp.

I made a little vid of this me doing it on chun in training mode, but I feel silly putting a 500kb file on filefront, so you’ll jsut have to try for yourself.

Just put it up, it’ll only take 2 seconds on mega upload.

I guess I was going to put up that vid eventually anyway, just to try and coax some response form the jaded, disinterested folks that still wander these forums. :tup:

So yes

So far I’ve only done it on standing and crouching ken and chun but I’m assuming it works on everybody (I jsut don’t feel like testing). Besides a back dash the range can also be setup by two c.lp’s. You can also use the supremely realistic oval shadows on the ground as a cue.

Since Makoto’s walking speed is so low, this is faster than walking forward half a step and then grabbing.

good find!

nice one. :clap: