Kara canceling on systems?


Does kara canceling into special moves work on the PS2, XBOX, GC, and DC import??

Thank you…


Probably not. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


it works on dc. I use it sometimes to build extra bar. you can still rc on xbox, but it doesn’t give you invincibility anymore.


I think he was referring to kara canceling not roll canceling. Kara canceling works in every console CvS2. A simple way to test it is to try and do c.short, c.short, Flash Kick with Guile. Normally you can’t do this combo, only with Kara cancelling can it be done. I do it by pressing c.short, c.short, U+short+forward kick. The game thinks you’re trying to do 3 c.shorts but you cancel the 3rd one into the Flash Kick.


roll cancelling is a form fo kara cancel. But I’m pretty sure that you’re correct to say you can kara cancel on all consoles. I just stated taht you can still cancel your roll on xbox, but you wont’ get any invincibility out of it.