Kara Canceling Super

Well… I have a problem… kara canceling supers that r 2xhcf r easy to perform… but I got huge problem doing it with charged supers…

There is an easy way to do it?

No. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there is no easy way to do it. It’ll never be anything like later games. Buffering a Stand Jab into a Charge Super is dead easy in those games, for example. In ST, it’s a lot tougher.

And it depends on the character, really. And keep in mind, the majority of the time, you aren’t actually Kara-Canceling into Supers. So if you do Dhalsim low Short into his Yoga Inferno (the only HCF x 2 character in the game), that’s just a straight up cancel. If you do Ken’s Low Short x 2 into Super, that’s a Renda Kara Cancel 'cause you can’t Buffer the second Crouch Short.

So characters like Boxer and Dictator can do Crouch Jab x 2 into Stand Jab into Super. The way to do those is to do Crouch Jab x 2, then Forward, Back, Forward Jab then hit Strong or Fierce (for Boxer) or any Kick (for Dictator) right away. But not toooo fast. If you do it at the right timing, the Jab will be canceled into the Super. And the Forward, Back, Forward motion has to be really fast.

However, Boxer CAN do it with kara Cancels as well. You can do Crouch Jab x 2 and then, much sooner, do Forward, Back, Forward + Jab and then Strong or Fierce immediately afterwards. You’ll cancel the Stand Jab even before it comes out and go straight into Super. However, you have to be really accurate to get the Super to Combo. A lot of the times, it’ll not Combo and the opponent can block if you do it too slowly.

thx =) really helped me…

exatly the kind of theori I needed… thx =)))) now I can do it much more than before… thx

But wont the Forward, back, foward + jab result in the super?

I’m glad you asked that, azis. Here’s the technical reason why it wont:

Once you start doing Rapid Fire Weak Attacks, you can no longer Buffer that move. This is why Ryu can’t do Crouch Short x 3 into HK Kick. The game just won’t let you anymore.

So when you do Crouch Jab x 2, the game says, “Nope. No more Buffers. Only more chains into Rapid Fire Weak Attacks of the same button.” So when you do Forward, Back, Forward with Jab as the third attack, the game won’t let you Buffer Crouch Jab anymore. They’ll only allow Chains of the same button. So instead, a Standing Jab comes out. If you hit your Super Activation button fast enough, you can then buffer THAT move because of the “glitch” that allows you to Buffer Rapid Fire Weak Attack only if you change from Standing to Crouching or Crouching to Standing (thus allowing for things like Stand Short, Crouch Short, Jab DP with Ken or Low Jab, Stand Jab, Razor Kick with Guile).

Bleah. That sounds a lot less clear than I was hoping. Did that make any sense?

Prety Confusing now. Look like there is something from theory I dont know.

Is there a Rapid Fire “mode” for weak attack?

You can combo only Weak attacks? So, c.jab(3x) can’t be comboed to c.forward, or Hadouken/S. Hadouken?

But can you do s.jab,c.jab, jab Shoryuken? Or if you try it wil result in other jab? Only s.short, c.short, jab shoryuken will work, cause you do Jab only twice?

I think I will stuck in “no, it wont result in a super” cause it is easier…

rapid fire weak attacks are weak attacks that can be canceled into themselves creating a chain combo, such as ken’s cr.short. There’s no “rapid fire mode”.
The problem is you can’t cancel into a super right off chained cr.shorts, the game doesn’t allow you to, however it allows you to cancel the very first frames of every move before it hits (kara canceling), this way you can add another cr.short and kara cancel it into shoryuken or super before it connects.

Also, as mentioned before, the game allows you to change from standing to crouching (or vice versa) during a rapid fire weak attack chain and once you do, the first weak attack you perform is cancellable, hence with boxer: cr. jab x2(not cancellable), s.jab (cancellable cause you stood up) xx super.

Do note that if you switch from crouch to stand (or vice versa) it doesn’t matter if the attack is still a rapid fire, it will still chain.
Example: chun’s s.jab is rapid fire cancellable, but her cr. jab isn’t, however you can still chain cr.jab off s.jabs: s.jab x2, cr.jab xx super.

This applies to supers and specials, comboing other normals after a rapid fire chain is only possible via link: when you hit someone with an attack they enter a hitstun (reel) animation, to perform a link you have to hit them while they’re still stuck in this hitstun animation, as weak attacks cause a very short reel animation you can’t link every move in the game after them, only some characters can link a stronger normal off weak attacks:

Deejay can do cr.jab, s.strong
Zangief can do cr.jab, cr.roundhouse

and so on…


That clearead a lot!

Just one thing… with a jump in… Im finding much easier doing

Boxer: jump.hk, c.lp 3x xx special (of course… I Kara the s.lp)… but I find much more easy then with standing and I think is better right? cause if the target is crouched… can be trouble…

Hi everyone, does this technique only work for ST or can it be used in SSF2 as well? Oh and also can any of you tell me if ST Guile can land the cr.jab or s.jab -> s.mid punch -> any special. I was able to hit it a couple times in the Anniversary Edition, but a little unsure it’s gonna work on ST. Thanks

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