Kara canceling techniques with Sean

I was just thinking about this. Yun can kara-palm. Can’t Sean kara roll? As you all know the range of his roll (namely LP) stinks. Even the HP stinks. Isn’t there a way to cancel it off of… hmm… let’s say toward HP (the headbutt) or any other things for that matter? Either this or kara-tackle. Increase the range without the other guy knowing it. Sounds cool? Can someone try this out? One time with negative edge and one time without. Thanks.

a roll canceling Sean WOULD be Top -Tier

kidding… i dont find anything useful for kara special moves for sean his kara throw is good tho

im trying to find SOME bug/skill that will make sean a tad bit higher on the tier charts. unsuccessful so far…

learn how much bar he gets per move hit, so YOU COULD set up a game plan so when u poke with crouching MK and he has no bar and always buffer the super from it even tho he doesnt have bar… this makes it incredibly easy to land cr. forward hadou burst on ppl. so if the cr. forward hits AND THEN HE GETS A bar and since u did the super motion after the hadou burst will combo… THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT WHEN PLAYING AS SEAN WITH SA1 WHEN U WANT TO LAND A SUPER, thats just my way of doing it tho… i’m pretty sure other ppl do the same things with other characters that dont want to suffer from long recovery time from a missed super, but for sean u gotta have this mind set of
randomness=success and u gotta have all your options open always.

i dont think Sean will never have ANYTHING abusable through normal game play, if anything did become abusable it’s because the player took advantage of what Sean had to offer in the first place, and built off that.

things he can abuse…
he’s a shoto…medium size and height on screen
has a good fast dash
has a roll (parry bait this)
special chip overhead (parry bait this)
has a command dash
has a nice stun game
builds bar fast
has some shoto normals (parry bait this)
has a mix up game after command chain

In order to kara the headbutt, you’d have to be superfast with the motion to complete the roll, but I don’t think it’s possible anyways. You can kara throw with a far, standing fierce, so maybe that would work. The reason I think his roll sucks is because it’s so slow. The light roll can surprise someone, though. If you end up on the other side you can try busting a combo.

I find his most useful mind games coming from the close fierce or low forward on opponent’s wakeup. From there you can do a million things, including the fake tackle or a surprise overhead kick (which will still get parried by quick players, unfortunately).