Kara cancelling RH with Makoto help!

Need some tips on how to better and more consistently kara cancel RH with Makoto. In particular I am having trouble with RH kara into fukiage.

I have noticed when I RH kara into throw, Makoto moves back a little rather than forward if you were using LK kara into throw. I assume the Kara RH into fukiage is what makes sure that she is in correct position so that you can land the 2nd fukiage afterwards?

So while I can cancel any of her other stuff I still find it extremely hard to RH kara into fukiage. If anyone has any tips, or methods of practice so that I can improve my ability of RH kara into fukiage I would appreciate it.:bgrin:

yea she needs to move back to hit the second one, just do it like this:

f,d,df, neutral, hk~p

Much appreciated, I can do it rather easy now.:tup: