Kara-cancelling universal overhead



I recently did something really wierd with elena. I’m absolutely sure of what I saw because I happened to be looking right at her when it happened… I somehow kara cancelled a toward plus forward kick into a universal overhead. I’ve never been able to repeat it, but the frame or two of animation was unmistakeable. Does anyone know a proper technique for this or if something like this is available to all characters?


I know you can do it with yun, maybe others… I dunno


It works with all the characters that have respectable kara-cancellable normals, just like kara-throws. In case some people out there still don’t know, you can also kara-taunt, kara-special (which with some characters like Remy allows you to perform corner-combos that wouldn’t work otherwise) and kara-super (Makoto’s standing short into Seichuusen Godanzuki being the most spectacular example). AFAIK the only thing you cannot cancel into is another normal -except in some super modes such as Genei Jin.

This is very easy to perform and particularly useful with the characters that have the longest karas (Chun-Li, Gouki, Ryu, Elena, Q, Makoto, Alex…). With Elena, all you need to do is press toward forward, then quickly cancel it into strong afterwards and you’ll get a kara-ed Universal Overhead. You don’t need to press forward twice because the engine allows a few frames of error while performing double button press moves.

Regular Yun’s kara-UOH would be standing short cancelled into [strong + forward]. I believe Genei Jin Yun can also do standing strong (short) into UOH and probably crouching roundhouse into UOH (completely impractical but it’s there, since crouching roundhouse only moves you forward in Genei mode).


hey billykane, is there a kara flash kick for remy? some characters can’t be normally flash kicked after the crouching fierce in the corner and i would like to connect them.

eliot, i’ve noticed that like 2 years ago. crouching mk into dragon punch and you’ll see some frames of crouching mk.


tu billykane

fu david :frowning:


I really don’t know much about Remy, but yes, I’m pretty sure kara-flash kick is possible. Try with standing roundhouse or even standing strong (less range but seems easier to cancel for some reason).