Kara Command Grab Set-ups



This is a little trick i picked up, very secret, maybe new for you, or old… but good for everyone to know.

I wish i had a video capture card to show the moves, but as you know from the B+LK cancelled into a command grab gives massive massive massive reach…

So, I only know two setups that will catch anyone off guard…

cr.MP… to kara grab… If you did it wrong, ur grab will not catch the opponent…

F+MP… to kara grab… the move all in itself is weird, and to think you could grab anybody is even better…

These two setups will get anyone if you deal heavy pressure to…

You can usually do cr. short xx jab hayate… if hit or blocked, most people would do a grab, which is very obvious… so what u can do is a F+MP… then kara grab… ppl wont see it comin…

Try and play around w/ it… Enjoy!


Best kara grab set ups is when people quickrise, or on wake up dashing back and doing it if they dont quickrise… It hits some characters unless you time it so the lk wiffs as they get up.

The only problem with the f.mp after the c.lk xx jab hayate, is people can jump away, and even if they dont, after the MP they can not only parry it, but also jump away.

Witht he c.mp, what do you mean by doing it “wrong”? whats the stipulation to make it work?


if u know your spacing well enough u can just throw that shit out…
too fast for anyone to react to


Two of her best karakusa setups imo:
strong, karakusa
strong, strong( hit or block), kara-karakusa


as quotes says,you just have to throw it out there and know the spacing. good players will jump away from any set ups most of the time.


well you can take advantage of that too by jumping after them and doing a j.hp. thats what i like to do when i’m layin on thick pressure and start going for a basic set up.


Which kick do you use for karakusa and what is the difference in the time to input an attack after karakusa between the different kick buttons? Also is there a difference in range?

I normally do a strong kick, but I know light kick is faster. Should I just practice using the light kick one?

I don’t want to post another reply elsewhere, but I have a similar question with the twin’s command grab as well.


For all the strengths of the karakusa, you generally dont use the LK or MK, because the timing is pretty tight on the grabs, I like to use the HK version the most.